Best Way To Make Money From Money 2015

best way to make money from money 2015

Hii Guys, Are you searching the web for finding out the best ways to make money from your home online without too much hassle. I guess, yes, coz with the rapid increase of technology and internet in the last 15 years, millions or billions of people have set their mind that a good amount of money can be earned from home online and they can leave their offline day job. 

It is true that now we can make a lot of money while sitting at our home but when we look on internet that what are these ways using which we can prove this true, we get confused badly. We all have went through a number of articles on different sites claiming that they provide the best way to make money from home and some of them even mention that they are providing only those ways using which you can start making thousands of dollars per month without even spending a single penny.

But I want to ask a simple question to all you readers - do you really think that you can start making good amount of money without any investment? I am damn sure that you all will revert back with a “no” reply because it`s a common saying known to all of us that “To gain something, you need to lose something for sure”.

Before reading this post, you all have definitely went through a number of ways of making money online with guaranteed results and most of you would have definitely gave those ways a try. Some of the common ways that you will find easily on internet as the best ways to make money online are:

1] Make Money online Through Websites/Blogs

2] Make Money from home online by promoting affiliate products

3] Make money online by reading emails or taking surveys

And many more but today I want to share with you a bitter truth that these ways do requirement investment from your end and you will get success only if you have sufficient knowledge in any specific niche.

For say, If someone tells you that he/she makes a good amount of money through websites/blogs and suggest you that you too can earn a good amount of money as this is the best way to make money from home. But at that time do you really consider the fact that you don`t have ample knowledge about how to build websites first, how to get rankings for your contents and how to monetize your site for making the money.

It`s bitter but completely true that no matter we have knowledge of anything in online world or not but we do aspire to earn money online like others. And we respect this aspiration because you can get success only if you won`t quit until n unless you have got success. I have also spent years in searching the legitimate and best way to make money from home and fortunately I have discovered a way to make money from home which is no bull shit.

Before sharing this, I want to clarify that making money online is only for those who have basic computer knowledge, internet connection, some money to invest {$100-200} and a mentality to get success in his/her work at any cost. I guess you all have the basic requirements which I mentioned just above so let`s proceed with the best way to make money from money.

Best Way to Make Money from Money:

There is a website on the internet,; I guess all you readers know about this. It is a website connecting millions of buyers to millions of sellers from all over the world. If you have some knowledge in any field like writing, graphics designing, SEO, marketing, maintenance capability, etc. you can surely make a good amount of money from this website.

For example, if you have good writing skills and you want to make money online then you can start selling this skill of yours on Fiverr as millions of buyers are looking for article writers daily for contents on their websites. But if you start this as a normal user, you will definitely fail coz a number of people are already selling this skill and making money of it. So, you need to be smart enough to get success in spite of the competition going on.

There comes the need of some money from your end as an investment to get success in making money. Now look at the below mentioned trick deeply and try to understand what I am going to share.

1] Go to and create an account of yours. At the time of creating your account, put your username as keyword of the service you are going to provide. For example, If you are going to sell articles, try to use a username containing the words “article” or “writers”. It has a good effect because when buyers search fiverr for article writers, Gigs containing the target keywords most number of times display on top.

best way to make money from money 2015

2] After creating your account, put a profile pic of yours and a simple but appropriate introduction about you.

3] Now as a normal buyer search for keywords like “seo articles” and open the gig of the seller that comes at the first position. Have a good look to the title used, content used and services provided in that very gig.

4] Start a New Gig of yours and try to give a similar look to your gig like the one which is ranking on top at the time of creating your gig. After this, publish your gig and copy the gig url as we need this to promote our gig after some time on some social networks.

5] Now to make this gig successful and proving our way as the best way to make money from money, we need some money to invest. Just think of the fact that normally all the users/sellers know upto Step 4 and then they think that buyers will come and start ordering his/her gigs.

But it’s not true; to get orders, your gig needs to be on top when buyers search for services similar to yours. So here we need to act smart and invest some money to force fiverr to start displaying your gig in top results.

6] Let`s suppose you have $100 to invest, so go to and create and account of yours there. After creating the account, create 15 virtual credit cards with different names and load $5 in each of these 15 cards.

Once you are done creating these virtual cards and have loaded money, you need a HMA Pro VPN software to surf the web anonymously by changing IPs. Make 15-20 fiverr accounts from different IPs using HMA Software.

From the next day, login to these Fiverr accounts made from different IPs and start conversations with yourself about the service you are providing.[You as a Seller of the gig]. After 3-4 conversations start ordering the gig one by one using the virtual credit cards you have made.

You need to order the gig from these 15 accounts within 2-3 days not all at once. After getting these orders, try to deliver the orders as fast as you can. Once you have delivered all the orders, login again to all those 15 fiverr accounts with different IPs and leave positive feedback about your service.
Following all these steps, you will find that your original fiverr account using which you are selling gigs have 15 orders and ll completed with positive feedbacks within 4-5 days. This is enough and you will notice in a day or two that real queries from buyers have started coming to your gig. You need to convert these conversations in orders and start making good amount of money.

At last, go to and and promote your gig URL so that when users will land on your sales page they will find you as a good seller delivering the service exactly in the way as mentioned in the sales copy by looking at the positive feedbacks you have got.

That`s it, you have now real and serious buyers ordering your services. It totally depends on you that how fast you can deliver the work and how much orders you can handle. So, this is what I have discovered after years of searching and can say it as the best way to make money from money easily with 100% success guarantee.

Do Leave your comments about this way of making money online from home and share your thoughts on this. If any of you have some other completely working way of making money from home online with some investment, feel free to share with our readers via your comments.

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