Best Free Android Calendar App

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best free android calendar app

Calendar is one of the most important parts of an android phone and it’s essential for almost people of all ages ranging from a student to a business man. Most of the android phones come with p reloaded calendar app but they can be pretty lacking in the features department.  Actually in preloaded calendar app you can’t customize your view with your own taste of background or see a small thumbnails of your mom’s face when it’s mother day occasion. Some of the calendar apps are too good that they keep full record of your to do list and business appointments and thus you are always in time with your daily deal. If you’re an android user then you can sue several other Best calendar apps which are almost available for free on Google Play Store.

Now, when you know that there are several alternatives of calendar app you’ll looking for the best among them. There are some mighty ambitious third-party apps that try to improve upon the pre-loaded calendar app using experience. Not arranged in particular order, below I have mentioned some of the best and free android calendar apps.

Best Free Android Calendar App

aCalendar [Best and free android calendar app]

best free android calendar app

This is one of the best and popular android calendar apps present out there on play store for free for long time. aCalendar app has got a plenty of customization as well as organization options which allow you to set date of current events and occasions as well as ability to sync across different apps and email addresses. This calendar app provides you an option to select a fine collection of widgets using which you can view calendar events by day, week or months directly on home screen of your android device. The app is almost available for free on Google Play store however after spending a little chunk of 2.99USD you can get some excellent features like ‘’Busy Notification’’ and extra notification of public holidays. But there are so many free calendars apps for android which offers these features almost free for you so in my opinion you should stick with the free version of aCalendar. 

Jorte [Best and free android calendar app]

best free android calendar app

Jorte calendar app’s craze trending now a day and in my opinion the only reason behind its trend is usefulness of this app. Jorte has got easy to navigate option as well has an innate set-up option. You can also customize theme of your apps as this app also offers you to change and customize the change of your calendar app.

Pocket Informant [Best and free android calendar app]

best free android calendar app

One of the most matured and premium calendar app for android phones available out there on play store. The rich feature set, smooth transition and full task management makes this app best alternative for the in-built calendar app for your android phone. One thing that attracts more about this calendar app is that when you open the app, it automatically open and pulls everything from your android device accounts sync, which is awesome. If you recommend me to choose the best android calendar app free for your then I also select Pocket Informant.

Calengoo [Best and free android calendar app]

Calengoo is one of the brilliant calendar apps for those android users who want a quick glance to their calendar however for this app you have to spend a little chunk of $5.99. This android calendar app has got an advanced repeating event system, so is more useful when you add a lot of events from your android phone.

Wave [Best and free android calendar app]

best free android calendar app

Wave is the free calendar app for android that covers your basic need with a wide range of calendar and to do list features. Users can add tags, attachments and take advantage of built in invitation manager etc.  This calendar app is available for free on Google play store.

Month: [Best and free android calendar app]

best free android calendar app

Many times users does not like bunch of calendars but at the same time they’re looking for a good looking calendar widget for their android phone. Most of the extra features of this calendar app are paid ones but however you can customize your theme with more than 70 available themes. This app is available for free at Google play store.

Calendar apps are not in abundance as compared to other category of android apps so there aren’t too many options available for you. On play store the upcoming of apps is consistent so, whenever I get the latest information about the best free android calendar app I’ll present it before you. 

Best Android Text Messaging App

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best android text messaging app

Android is the popular smartphone platform out there and text messaging is one of the best part of it. If you own a stock android phone then it already came with some built in/default android text messaging app and Google Hangout is the official text messaging/SMS/MMS/IM app for android phones. However, you can also go for some best android text messaging app on Google play store.

Text messaging is one of the big part for android phones and so it’s already came with built in SMS and text apps but maybe (according to your point of view and using experience) the standard messaging app that come on your phone is not the best for you. You might think that it’s a bit unhandy or does not include a lot of stroke when it comes to features. Fortunately, android we can replace these inbuilt app with some best android messaging and text apps. Most of these apps are of different designs and add so extra features including multimedia messaging to your messaging experience.

I think you’ll now getting some relax after knowing that you can replace your default android text messaging app with some best alternative apps and some of these android messaging apps will handle regular messaging without requiring you and your friends to use the same messaging platform.

All these android text messaging apps use your phone signal and texting allowance in your contact and you should not to be confused with messenger apps such as Facebook messenger app for android, messaging app for WhatsApp etc. This article is also not taking detail explanation about any particular app but offer an overview of popular several Text Messaging App For Android

I have mentioned some of the best text messaging apps for android and the one’s I have listed here received pretty good review on Google play store.

Best Android Text Messaging App

Now, let’s go to it!

TEXTRA SMS [Best android text messaging app]

best android text messaging app

Textra sms is definitely a marvellous looking text messaging app for android. Especially after receiving its Material Design inspired update, people are more interested towards this text messaging apps.

This android messaging app is quiet customizable in nature. You can choose color themes, set dark mode at night, can set night mode off at day time, request delivery reports, auto save videos and images to your phone and more. 

The Textra also got the quick reply pop up means that it immediately replies after tapping on notification. This android app has also take proper care of your MMS including pictures and group messaging.

You can download this app for free from Google Play store.

Google Messenger [Best android text messaging app]

best android text messaging app

Most of the android users are not a big fan of hangout which is a built in messaging app in android phone but Google messenger another story from Google. The Google messenger is another very good messaging app for android phone. It has got eye smoothing material design interface and as well as you can send free text, images and record audio clip within the app. Overall , it is a best android messaging app that you can give a try.

Chomp SMS [Best android text messaging app]

best android text messaging app

Chomp SMS has been around for a long time, and progressed itself as one of the most popular android SMS apps. The main features of chomp SMS include huge array of emojis, passcode app lock, message locks, and quick reply popups.

Go SMS [Best android text messaging app]

best android text messaging app

Go SMS is one of the robust SMS apps for android phones. This android phone has got huge collection of themes which are customizable in nature and brings along features like message encryption, pop-ups notification, delayed send, attachment, group messaging, MMS and more. 

8SMS [Best android text messaging app]

best android text messaging app

A best alternative to some freely SMS apps for android, 8SMS messaging app for android is a straight to the point messaging app for android with bit more functionality such as stock SMS/MMS app, quick pop-ups replies etc. In my opinion, if you’re looking for a simple messaging app for your android phone then giving 8SMS is worthy for you. Its energy saving dark theme is another factor that makes it relevant to the user experience. The 8SMS app is available for free on Google Play store.

So, these are some best text messaging apps for android. Really, inbuilt messaging app doesn’t provide so much of functionality to the users and we should really thanks to the android app developers to develop such best and worth text messaging app for android.

Do you agree with our list of best android text messaging app? Do let us know via comment box given below. 

Best Android Customization Apps

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best android customization apps

Whenever you buy a new android phone or tablet, the first thing that you’ll want to do with your device is customization of your phone so that it resembles your personal preference. From every little tweak in a android phone; from lock screen to the home screen, widgets, apps, shortcut and more first need customization as every little tweak of personalization gives your phone a better look and make it fast accessible for your using experience. In this tutorial I have only focus on things that helps in customization of your android phone and obliviously it’s the best android customization apps.

Knowing the ways to customize your android phone is the best way to make your device unique. One of the coolest things about android is that, it supports countless apps in every category i.e. lock screen, home screen etc. that you can use to customize and modify your android phone to be exactly how you want it to be.

Most of you probably don’t like the default look of your android device’s interface and  so you’ve probably considered to spicing it up a little bit by making full use of best android customization apps. By using these apps you can give your phone a look similar to iphone and windows phones as some launcher apps makes your home font looks like them.

There are so many tips and tutorials available over internet that discuss about customization of your android phone however majority of these tips either focus on too basic tips or risky rooting of your android phone. Today, I’ll add another tip that will not only change the look of your android screen but also increase user experience.

Best android customization apps 2015

Apex Launcher (Best android customization apps)

best android customization apps

Apex launcher is one of the oldest android customization apps and still remains one of the best iconic android launcher ever. The main aim of this android app is to provide variety of cool look with a few extra features thrown in for good measure. Among those features the main ability of app include alter things like transition animations, scrolling habits and scrolling dock where you can lay plenty of icons arranged in a good manner on your home screen.

The apex launcher app for android includes a theme package or engine which provides you as much themes you want for your android device. This customization app is available free on Google play store however by paying little extra amount of $3.99, you can use some extra features of this app.

Google Now launcher (Best android customization apps)

best android customization apps

If you’re a big fan of Google and android then Google now launcher is for you. It’s the stock launcher with built in Google now facility. The main features of this customization app include hotword integration, translucent theming elements and more. It’s the app which Nexus user see first when they open their device for the first time. Overall this app from Google is a very powerful customization app for android phones.

Zedge (Best android customization apps)

best android customization apps

Zedge is one of the best android customization app. This app can decorate your Smartphone with thousand of wallpapers, ringtones, themes and notification sounds. You can navigate through thousand of themes and wallpapers to find the perfect one for your android phone. This app is available for free and you can download it form Google play store for free. 

Go Launcher EX (Best android customization apps)

best android customization apps

Go launcher is among the top and best android customization apps. Out there on play store, this app include 100 million installs to date. According to the android user review, this app provides slight customization option but at the same time its theming feature is marvelous. 

Go Locker app (Best android customization apps)

best android customization apps

Go Locker is one of the best android customization apps to personalize your android lock screen with a huge collection of themes that suits your style. You can download this app for free from Google play store.

CM Launcher (Best android customization apps)

best android customization apps

Developed by the same company which develops best android antivirus CM Security, CM launcher provides full customization option to your android phone. The app uses little of your system resource and can download itself only in 2 MB of space. This app provides full customization resource including theming features and cool widgets icons.

So there you have it, guys!  I know that there are plenty of other customization apps too available there but I mainly focus on providing the best apps for you. If you have any query regarding best android customization apps then you can comment us via comment box. 

Best Way To Make Money From Money 2015

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best way to make money from money 2015

Hii Guys, Are you searching the web for finding out the best ways to make money from your home online without too much hassle. I guess, yes, coz with the rapid increase of technology and internet in the last 15 years, millions or billions of people have set their mind that a good amount of money can be earned from home online and they can leave their offline day job. 

It is true that now we can make a lot of money while sitting at our home but when we look on internet that what are these ways using which we can prove this true, we get confused badly. We all have went through a number of articles on different sites claiming that they provide the best way to make money from home and some of them even mention that they are providing only those ways using which you can start making thousands of dollars per month without even spending a single penny.

But I want to ask a simple question to all you readers - do you really think that you can start making good amount of money without any investment? I am damn sure that you all will revert back with a “no” reply because it`s a common saying known to all of us that “To gain something, you need to lose something for sure”.

Before reading this post, you all have definitely went through a number of ways of making money online with guaranteed results and most of you would have definitely gave those ways a try. Some of the common ways that you will find easily on internet as the best ways to make money online are:

1] Make Money online Through Websites/Blogs

2] Make Money from home online by promoting affiliate products

3] Make money online by reading emails or taking surveys

And many more but today I want to share with you a bitter truth that these ways do requirement investment from your end and you will get success only if you have sufficient knowledge in any specific niche.

For say, If someone tells you that he/she makes a good amount of money through websites/blogs and suggest you that you too can earn a good amount of money as this is the best way to make money from home. But at that time do you really consider the fact that you don`t have ample knowledge about how to build websites first, how to get rankings for your contents and how to monetize your site for making the money.

It`s bitter but completely true that no matter we have knowledge of anything in online world or not but we do aspire to earn money online like others. And we respect this aspiration because you can get success only if you won`t quit until n unless you have got success. I have also spent years in searching the legitimate and best way to make money from home and fortunately I have discovered a way to make money from home which is no bull shit.

Before sharing this, I want to clarify that making money online is only for those who have basic computer knowledge, internet connection, some money to invest {$100-200} and a mentality to get success in his/her work at any cost. I guess you all have the basic requirements which I mentioned just above so let`s proceed with the best way to make money from money.

Best Way to Make Money from Money:

There is a website on the internet, fiverr.com; I guess all you readers know about this. It is a website connecting millions of buyers to millions of sellers from all over the world. If you have some knowledge in any field like writing, graphics designing, SEO, marketing, maintenance capability, etc. you can surely make a good amount of money from this website.

For example, if you have good writing skills and you want to make money online then you can start selling this skill of yours on Fiverr as millions of buyers are looking for article writers daily for contents on their websites. But if you start this as a normal user, you will definitely fail coz a number of people are already selling this skill and making money of it. So, you need to be smart enough to get success in spite of the competition going on.

There comes the need of some money from your end as an investment to get success in making money. Now look at the below mentioned trick deeply and try to understand what I am going to share.

1] Go to fiverr.com and create an account of yours. At the time of creating your account, put your username as keyword of the service you are going to provide. For example, If you are going to sell articles, try to use a username containing the words “article” or “writers”. It has a good effect because when buyers search fiverr for article writers, Gigs containing the target keywords most number of times display on top.

best way to make money from money 2015

2] After creating your account, put a profile pic of yours and a simple but appropriate introduction about you.

3] Now as a normal buyer search for keywords like “seo articles” and open the gig of the seller that comes at the first position. Have a good look to the title used, content used and services provided in that very gig.

4] Start a New Gig of yours and try to give a similar look to your gig like the one which is ranking on top at the time of creating your gig. After this, publish your gig and copy the gig url as we need this to promote our gig after some time on some social networks.

5] Now to make this gig successful and proving our way as the best way to make money from money, we need some money to invest. Just think of the fact that normally all the users/sellers know upto Step 4 and then they think that buyers will come and start ordering his/her gigs.

But it’s not true; to get orders, your gig needs to be on top when buyers search for services similar to yours. So here we need to act smart and invest some money to force fiverr to start displaying your gig in top results.

6] Let`s suppose you have $100 to invest, so go to entropay.com and create and account of yours there. After creating the account, create 15 virtual credit cards with different names and load $5 in each of these 15 cards.

Once you are done creating these virtual cards and have loaded money, you need a HMA Pro VPN software to surf the web anonymously by changing IPs. Make 15-20 fiverr accounts from different IPs using HMA Software.

From the next day, login to these Fiverr accounts made from different IPs and start conversations with yourself about the service you are providing.[You as a Seller of the gig]. After 3-4 conversations start ordering the gig one by one using the virtual credit cards you have made.

You need to order the gig from these 15 accounts within 2-3 days not all at once. After getting these orders, try to deliver the orders as fast as you can. Once you have delivered all the orders, login again to all those 15 fiverr accounts with different IPs and leave positive feedback about your service.
Following all these steps, you will find that your original fiverr account using which you are selling gigs have 15 orders and ll completed with positive feedbacks within 4-5 days. This is enough and you will notice in a day or two that real queries from buyers have started coming to your gig. You need to convert these conversations in orders and start making good amount of money.

At last, go to stumbleupon.com and Reddit.com and promote your gig URL so that when users will land on your sales page they will find you as a good seller delivering the service exactly in the way as mentioned in the sales copy by looking at the positive feedbacks you have got.

That`s it, you have now real and serious buyers ordering your services. It totally depends on you that how fast you can deliver the work and how much orders you can handle. So, this is what I have discovered after years of searching and can say it as the best way to make money from money easily with 100% success guarantee.

Do Leave your comments about this way of making money online from home and share your thoughts on this. If any of you have some other completely working way of making money from home online with some investment, feel free to share with our readers via your comments.

Best Android VoIP App

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best android VoIP app

Best Android VoIP APP

Android mobiles have taken over the world and I think it’s is just a waste of time to explain more about that. But after all of these, some people want to have an old fashioned land line phones and if you’re a business man then it’s a must. You can use a landline number from your local telephone number or telephone operator but you can do better than this. There are so many best android VoIP apps and services are present which use your broadband internet connection to give you phone service.

Before telling about those best android VoIP apps, first of all let me explain ‘’what is VoIP?’’  Well, the acronym VoIP stands for voice over IP and so it means making voice calls over the local internet instead of the voice network. A hangout, a well known android VoIP app is recently updated to make VoIP calls as well as VoLTE calls. But they weren’t the first to do so, as there are number of best VoIP apps and services are present that helps you in making VoIP call.

VoIP is very simple to set up also. You get a special phone adapter unit from your service provider which needs to plug into power, your internet router and a standard telephone handset. But when you look at the price different between VoIP and a standard landline telephone service then you’ll find that VoIP using your local internet connection is cheaper than that of landline telephone connection.

Calling from your android Smartphone

best android VoIP app

Free calling on your android Smartphone isn’t a tough task these days. What just you need is a good and best VoIP app to route your call over Wi-Fi instead of carrier’s network. In this article, we are mainly discussing about those best VoIP apps.

Whether you’re on a roaming or not but still want to use your android Smartphone to make calls then right and a best VoIP app can make the work done for you and save a good bit of money.  A best android VoIP app is that which makes calls for you regardless of your network and provide good audio as well as video quality.  So, if you want to save money on your wireless bill then use a VoIP app to make your calls.

Considering the reduced overhead, most of the android VoIP apps provide unlimited free calling these days. As android is a growing industry and there are lots of apps present in every category and same is the case when you choose the best VoIP app for your android phone. In this article I have gathered a list of some best android VoIP apps with varying features.

Best android VoIP app basics:

All the VoIP apps mentioned in this app list offer free VoIP calling in one way or another. Some of these app offer free calling with U.S.A to any U.S. based phone number, while some VoIP app require that the party you are calling must have the same VoIP app installed on his android phone.

Facebook messenger [android VoIP app]

best android VoIP app

Available for free on Google play store Facebook messenger is first on our VoIP app list. Facebook has recently announced its audio as well as video calling feature on its messenger service. To make calls from your Facebook messenger app the party you’re calling needs to have same app installed in his phone. It’s available for free on Google android play store. 

Google hangouts [android VoIP app]

best android VoIP app

Google Hangouts is actually designed by Google as an answer to Skype. Primarily hangout allows you to send free text message along with stickers. However, you can make calls with other hangout member for free of cost and video chat up to ten people simultaneously. The app is available for free on Google play store for free. 

The best android VoIP app: Skype

best android VoIP app

The venerable Skype also fits into best android VoIP app category. Most of the people know about Skype and its ability. You can make free Skype call to anyone who has Skype and a non-Skype as well for a small fee. This VoIP app is available for most of the mobile operating systems including android, windows, Linux, I phone and Mac. Some additional features of Skype include free group, video and text chats. Skype is much popular app than that of Facebook messenger and this android VoIP app is most popular app in the category.

You can download Skype app for free from your android phone on Google play store. 

Viber [android VoIP app]

best android VoIP app

Over 200 million users Viber made his position splash position in best VoIP app for android. Over 200 million users, Viber made his position in best VoIP apps for android list. It is one of the most widely used VoIP apps for android and free calling solutions on the list. A usual, you have to be calling other Viber user for free and so it means that the person you are calling must have the Viber installed in his android phone.  Viber also primarily supports text and group messaging.

This VoIP app for android is available for free and you can download it from Google Play Store. 

Line [android VoIP app]     

best android VoIP app
Started in Middle East America, Line is one of the popular messaging apps from America which started to gain momentum in North America and rest part of the world. In addition to messaging, this VoIP app for android also does voice calls over the internet connection which is known as VoIP. The Line app works best with android phones with 2.3 or higher android version. 

Unfortunately, all the VoIP apps mentioned above in this article have the same issue that they only deliver free call only when both the parties have same app installed in his/her android phone. So, if you have Skype then things are different and you can even make calls to anyone but for non-Skype users you have to recharge your account using Skype subscription programs. So, for best experience you need to convenience your friends and relatives to use the similar VoIP android app to make video calls over internet for free.  

So, these are some of the best VoIP apps that you can use for your android phone. As usual, if I missed a great app and you think that it should be in list, let us know via comments. 

How to Reduce Loading Time of Your Wordpress Blog

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Blog loading time can dramatically impact your website ranking and conversion. According to Google, blog’s loading speed is considered as a ranking factor for blog and that’s why it is important that we should work to reduce our blog loading time. If you are using blogger platform then you’ll hardly notice any downtime of slows-down of your blog but on word press things are different and bloggers have one thing to worry about blog loading time.

For best of your knowledge, you should know a fact that if an eCommerce site or blog which is making $100,000/day, a delay of 1 second page load time of that site can cost it a yearly loss of $2.5 million.  Readers expect that the site should load within 2 seconds while a delay of more than 3 second can make 40% of your reader to leave your site.

so, in this post I’m discussing about few best tips which reduce the loading time of your word press blog and thus makes it better in terms of search engine. So, implement these tips into your blog and optimize your blog loading time and get blazing fast blog.

Avoid using lots of word press plugins:

Plugins are one of the biggest powers of word press some bloggers are so obsessed with it that they are using more than 20-30 Plugins on their single blog and you might also be one from them.  Well, Plugins are really not a bad thing but on word press you should minimize the number of Plugins. If you need a functionality which can be done by fast coding, then that will be very handy. You should use at-least one cache Plugin and in my opinion W3 Total Cache is best for word press blog.

Optimize your image:

Making a blog’s post illustrative by integrating relevant images is always a nice strategy to attract visitor’s attention but too much of it is not good. Therefore, you must use more than 3-4 images per page of your word press blog. You can use JPG image in place of PNG to save your web page space.

Avoid displaying flash on your blog:

Flash content on a word press blog leads to increasing the loading time of a blog. Avoiding flash and related Plugins can add to efficiency of your site. Google also recognized Flash as a bad thing for SEO. So, in my opinion you should completely get rid of Flash content on your word press blog.

Use a better host:

If you are using self hosted word press blogs then you have a great advantage of choosing the right web host for your blog. When it comes to hosting your word press site, you would never want to host your blog on a server that is crappy with no or poor support.  I recommend you to use a better host and nothing better choice than Blue-host.

Do not use too many posts on your homepage:

Most of the word press themes have the option to limit the number if themes displayed at your blog’s homepage. You should limit it at 7 to 10. I would not suggest you infinite scroll if you really want your blog to load faster.

Do not use java scripts at the top your blog:

Having java scripts like social flows from twitter or Google+ can be a major factor which result in increasing the loading time of your blog. You can put the Google analytics code at the footer and it will make your blog load faster by itself loading after all your content has been displayed on your blog page.

So, these are few tips from me which will help you in reducing the loading time of your word press blog and makes it faster for better experience of your users.  If you like this post helpful then share it among your social friends.

How to Auto Share Old Word Press Blog Posts on Various Social Networking Site?

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Every blogger after writing some unique and evergreen posts on his/her blog starts promoting their blog posts on various social networking sites like Facebook. If you want to re-speed the web out of your blog-post, will you go manually to each social networking site and post them? Of course yes, so many bloggers in lack of proper knowledge go manually but what If a wordpress Plugin or a web service does the same work for you within quick time.

As you know social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. are the famous social networking sites for bloggers, and if you have built a credible profile on these sites then your shared links will have great value. Sharing your blog posts on these sites can drag and attract a lot of visitors to your site.

You might not like to waste so much of your time for a single blog post on every social networking site and so there is a need of Plugin. In this post, I have shared some of the best Plugin and web service for your blog which helps you in auto sharing of your old blog posts on various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

1. Jetpack Publicize

 Jetpack Publicize is a popular wordpress Plugin which is natural choice for so many wordpress bloggers. You can use this Plugin to share your blog posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Yahoo. Setting up Publicize is also very easy and you can choose your desired post to share on the social networking sites where you want to post them on a post by post basis.

2. Social Publish

 Social Publish is a direct web service which shares your blog posts socially as soon as it is published. You do not have to create a separate app for different social sites to use this service. You just need to sign up with social publish and link it or connect it with your social networking account. Like Publicize Plugin, even here you can choose desire social sites where you want to post your content.

3. WP auto share post

 WP auto share Plugin automatically shares your post with a pre defined message to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. The Plugin is slightly more technical than Jetpack and so you have to create separate app for Facebook and Twitter.  The Plugin supports Bit.ly URL shortening which is the best way to track your links. The Plugin not only share your post on social networking sites but also pulls in comments to the post from Facebook and post them directly to the blog comment section.

So, these are some of the Plugins and web services that most of the bloggers use to auto share their old blog posts on social networking site. If you know about any other and thinks to be in this list then please share it in your comment.

Why Word Press is Better than BlogSpot

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It is always a confusing state for almost all newbie bloggers to choose the right blogging platform for them. Though, most suggested platforms are Blog Spot, word press, Tumblr etc. Now, when we talk about creating a blog from professional point of view then word press is always a better choice. There are so many things which you can only do with a self hosted word press blog but on a Blog Spot blog you have to face some limitations.

Since, both the word press and Blog Spot offer free blogging platforms to every blogger which is really an advantage for the newbie to start his blogging career but it is not the best choice. As a blogger you should know about the limitations of using free blogging platforms. If you are using any one of these platforms then read this article carefully to know about the limitations of free blogging platforms over self hosted word press blog.

As I mentioned Blog Spot is a good blogging platform to start your blogging career but in long run of blogging, self hosted blog is what you should select.  Here are some major points of word press dash board which I am going to mention, that will clearly explain the advantage of word press over Blog Spot.

Control over your blog:

Control over blog is one of the major factors that's why I support self hosted blog. Blog Spot is owned by Giant company Google and there might always a chance that they can delete your Blog Spot account without giving you any such notification. The case is quiet same even when you use custom domain feature. The chances are high that if spammers use feature flag as spam and report your blog as spam the Google might remove your blog. This is the common issue faced by so many successful Blog Spot bloggers and by  doing a quick search on Google, you will realize many bloggers faced this problem.

Search Engine Optimization:

The first thing which every blogger look for is traffic regardless of where the blog is hosted. In simple words search engine optimization means optimizing your blog for search engines and getting traffic from search engine. When you compare word press and Blog Spot then you will see word press offers more options and plugins to optimize your blog for major search engines where as in Blog Spot, you are limited to certain SEO setting.

Plugins and Support:

Word press consists of features like Plugins and a strong community for support and help. For example, on Blog Spot you have to spend a lot of time editing your theme to show related posts and adding such features but word press makes your blogging easy using simple plugins for everything you need.


You can consider it as human perception of tendency that most of the people does not see Blog Spot with good eye. One of the common reason behind this fact is it’s free and mass number of people are using Blog Spot for Black Hat SEO, spamming and for affiliate landing pages for their blog or websites too. But in case of self hosted word press blog things are different and people thinks that the guy has paid for the service and he is serious about his blog.

Reselling Your Blog:

If you want to sell your blog then blog spot is a bad choice for you. Google strictly doesn’t allow reselling of Blog Spot blogs but you can always resell your self hosted blog.
So these are the factors that makes word press better than that of Blog Spot. Also, word press keeps updating and releasing its new versions which comes with some extra added features and functionality but on Blog Spot, there are very few updates which happens over the time.

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How to Write Perfect SEO Optimized Articles in WordPress

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Traffic is the main things for a blog and as you know getting traffic for your post is really a tedious task for bloggers especially when it comes to dragging traffic with your older posts. One of the best ways to keep dragging traffic for your recent posts is make them search engine friendly. In long run, it is only search engine which can help you to get traffic for your posts.  In this article I’m going to share some of the tips for you to write SEO optimized articles for your WP blog which will help you to get betterranking and your content will rank higher or crawl better in major search engines like Google.

As you know that every blog post is like a web page in terms of search engine and you can always optimize your each and every blog posts for search engine for specific keywords. Though there are certain things which you should keep in mind and that I’ll be discussing right in this post.

SEO Optimized Articles writing:

1. Post Title and Meta Title

First thing which you should understand is how post title and Meta title are different:

Post Title: This is the title that how your visitor will see your post.

Post Meta Title: Post Meta Title is what search engine will see and show your post in search results. So, it is always a good activity to keep your target keywords in Post Title and Meta Title. Usually, Post title is H1 tag and it’s important to keep your target keywords in post title.

2. Post Meta Keywords:

Post Meta keyword is one of the most crucial part of your content SEO and it has been seen that most blogger tends to ignore it. Every post your write is very important from ranking and traffic point of view. The most common mistake that we make is by using generic keywords in every blog post. For example when we write a post with the title:

## Pulse: Best messenger applications for I phone

## We use many keywords like: messenger, Pulse, I phone, application and so on.

This is really not the best keywords because you are trying to rank your post for generic keywords. Do you think that individual post should rank for keyword: messenger, Pulse, I phone, application? You can use keyword research tools like Traffic Travis to see keyword competition and searches/month.

This will help you in picking up the best keyword for your blog post.  For example:

## Pulse: Best messenger applications for I phone

## Keyword: Best I phone messenger application, messenger applications for I phone.

3. Image Alt attribute:

This is one thing that most of the bloggers usually ignore. We use software’s like snag or use site’s to find the image for our post. Though we never tries to optimize the images for keywords. It is always a good idea to keep the name relevant to image itself. For example: you take screenshot of Adsense and use name as Adsense but again it is not targeted and so instead you should use name as Adsense dashboard.

For best results you can sue WP Plug-in name SEO friendly image, which uses the image name as ALT. attributes and thus when visitors search the image in Google image search, they will automatically land on your blog posts.

4. Interlink and Anchor text:

When you are posting your new blog post then try to link it back to your older posts so that reader will find the old [posts and also search engines will re-crawl the old blog posts. Now when you interlink your blog posts, you should use the anchor text techniques to interlink. You can also use Plug-in name Word press Insights which helps you to interlink quickly.


Generally we use ‘’The’’ styling feature to style blog post which is good but as the same time you can’t ignore an important part of SEO and that is proper use of H1 H2 and H3 heading. Being human we tend to make mistakes but it is also true that we can learn a lot from our mistakes and same is the situation with SEO. So learning from your mistakes always try to write quality and well SEO optimized article for your blog.

If you have any queries or suggestion which I might have missed, do let us know via comment. Your comments are always valuable for us.

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