How to Write Perfect SEO Optimized Articles in WordPress

Traffic is the main things for a blog and as you know getting traffic for your post is really a tedious task for bloggers especially when it comes to dragging traffic with your older posts. One of the best ways to keep dragging traffic for your recent posts is make them search engine friendly. In long run, it is only search engine which can help you to get traffic for your posts.  In this article I’m going to share some of the tips for you to write SEO optimized articles for your WP blog which will help you to get betterranking and your content will rank higher or crawl better in major search engines like Google.

As you know that every blog post is like a web page in terms of search engine and you can always optimize your each and every blog posts for search engine for specific keywords. Though there are certain things which you should keep in mind and that I’ll be discussing right in this post.

SEO Optimized Articles writing:

1. Post Title and Meta Title

First thing which you should understand is how post title and Meta title are different:

Post Title: This is the title that how your visitor will see your post.

Post Meta Title: Post Meta Title is what search engine will see and show your post in search results. So, it is always a good activity to keep your target keywords in Post Title and Meta Title. Usually, Post title is H1 tag and it’s important to keep your target keywords in post title.

2. Post Meta Keywords:

Post Meta keyword is one of the most crucial part of your content SEO and it has been seen that most blogger tends to ignore it. Every post your write is very important from ranking and traffic point of view. The most common mistake that we make is by using generic keywords in every blog post. For example when we write a post with the title:

## Pulse: Best messenger applications for I phone

## We use many keywords like: messenger, Pulse, I phone, application and so on.

This is really not the best keywords because you are trying to rank your post for generic keywords. Do you think that individual post should rank for keyword: messenger, Pulse, I phone, application? You can use keyword research tools like Traffic Travis to see keyword competition and searches/month.

This will help you in picking up the best keyword for your blog post.  For example:

## Pulse: Best messenger applications for I phone

## Keyword: Best I phone messenger application, messenger applications for I phone.

3. Image Alt attribute:

This is one thing that most of the bloggers usually ignore. We use software’s like snag or use site’s to find the image for our post. Though we never tries to optimize the images for keywords. It is always a good idea to keep the name relevant to image itself. For example: you take screenshot of Adsense and use name as Adsense but again it is not targeted and so instead you should use name as Adsense dashboard.

For best results you can sue WP Plug-in name SEO friendly image, which uses the image name as ALT. attributes and thus when visitors search the image in Google image search, they will automatically land on your blog posts.

4. Interlink and Anchor text:

When you are posting your new blog post then try to link it back to your older posts so that reader will find the old [posts and also search engines will re-crawl the old blog posts. Now when you interlink your blog posts, you should use the anchor text techniques to interlink. You can also use Plug-in name Word press Insights which helps you to interlink quickly.


Generally we use ‘’The’’ styling feature to style blog post which is good but as the same time you can’t ignore an important part of SEO and that is proper use of H1 H2 and H3 heading. Being human we tend to make mistakes but it is also true that we can learn a lot from our mistakes and same is the situation with SEO. So learning from your mistakes always try to write quality and well SEO optimized article for your blog.

If you have any queries or suggestion which I might have missed, do let us know via comment. Your comments are always valuable for us.

How to Disable Right Click on Wordpress Blog

While there is no way to completely stop people from stealing your content (Images, Sentence etc., but you can make things harder. Disabling right clicking on your site is one way you can use to deter casual theft.
In this post , I am going to talk about a plug and play WordPress Plugin named WP-Copyright-Protection. After installing and activation of this Plugin on your word press site, this Plugin clear your cache and you will see that you can’t text or right click in your word press site.

The WP-Copyright-Protection doesn't have any configuration panel and so it’s very simple to  use (Install and Activate). The Plugin after successful activation starts working on your site. Before you install this Plugin to your word press site, make it sure that you are in complete need to disable right click in your site as disabling text may deteriorates your user experience.
You can download WP-Copyright-Protection Plugin from official Plugin repo.
Anyway, either you use or not, I would love to know your opinion on disabling text in word press. What do you think, if a webmaster enable or disable right click feature in his site. Let, if you are a webmaster then which method you will use and what will be your reason for enabling or disabling it?
So, we have discussed about WP-Copyright-Protection Plugin which really suits most of the word press blog. Like WP-Copyright-Protection, there are other Plugins too which can protect your image by no right click image in your site. One of the Plugin named ‘’ No Right Click Images Plugin’’ is the best among them.

No Right Click Images Plugin uses the java script to change the right click action on IMG tags to disable the context menu.
This Plugin disables the context menu on site’s images only so that the other right clicks options such as links will work normally. Sometimes, browsers prevent Java Script from altering the context menu activity. To get around this, this Plugin uses a replacement image to replace the clicked image.

While disabling right click will stop everyday users from stealing your content on the other hand it is not effective. Those users who really want to take someone image from your site will simply take a screenshot or turn java Script off to turn right clicking back on.

What do you think about disabling right clicking? Let us know what you think by commenting in the comment box. 

Top 3 Ways to Remove Unwanted Sound from Videos

Now people deal with video more and more frequently to record good moment of life and share with people. But sometimes we have problems and we want to find some solutions. Here we are talking about some effective way to remove unwanted sound from a video. You might want to remove the sound on the video and add some audio or you just want to separate the video from the audio. This allows you to use the audio separately from the said video or use the video with a different voice over. 

Traditionally, for one to remove sound from the video, one had to reduce the volume to zero. Another option was clicking on the mute button which had to be done manually. With the advent of technology, there are various options to remove sound from a video. Here are the top 3 ways to remove unwanted sound from a video.

Samsung Galaxy S5 with Fingerprint Scanner, Smartphone for Smart People

Samsung launches its flagship smartphone the Galaxy S5 with fingerprint scanner

The rumors of Smartphones are buzzing all around but now all eyes are firmly locked on the new Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone as it came up with amazing features. The Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone was unveiled at MWC (Mobile World Congress) in Barcelona on Sunday 23th Feb 2014 with its blasting features.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Design:

Impressive Samsung Galaxy S5 came up with some new ideas and technology for its users, this is likely to be one of the biggest premium smartphone of 2014.The Galaxy S5 design reminds me the S2 for its more rectangular shape but its overall construction is more solid than before.

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