Yahoo to Unveil its Upgraded eMail Service Soon

The internet pioneer and one of the leading search engines Yahoo is all set to unveil its new upgraded eMail service to its users.
The internet pioneer and one of the leading search engines Yahoo is all set to unveil its new upgraded eMail service to its users. This means very soon the Yahoo users will need to shift to the new e-mail service for better accessibility.

Yahoo is allegedly 2nd most popular search engine on the internet world, and it has loads of coveted users who like to use its mail box to check their daily mails, and do other important things.

According to a new report that has been prepared by CNN itself, the current CEO of the internet giant Marissa Mayer herself had declared that Yahoo had been waiting for a major change of the overall e-mail service since the month of December of the previous year. The engineers at the web giant were working on it, and trying to develop it for the benefits of the users since that time only.

Mayer didn’t forget to address the loyal Yahoo users, as she mentioned that the company has eventually listened to the claim of the various people that they would like to have very few mail distractions and a useful and quicker procedure for communication and login.

The highlighting factor of this upgradation is that it has been facilitated for different platforms like Windows 8, Android, iPhone/iPod touch, and Web. However, like every other changes this may cause trouble too for the users, as many of them still are more likely or happy to use older versions of the email service such as “Yahoo Classic”. The sad part is these users are only allowed to access the old version of their mailbox until next Monday only.

The users will need to agree to the terms and conditions which include ‘automated content scanning’ that will allow the search algorithms to access and read through all the contents of the user’s messages altogether in order to locate targeted and relevant advertising (G-Mail has similar features) to complete the upgradation.  

However, Yahoo will allow its users to opt out of the feature by just changing their relevant setting from their account only. Yahoo has been really pro-active in past couple of months, as in this period of time it acquires PlayerScale (a popular gaming platform), and Tumbler (a popular blogging platform).

The Yahoo Mail will undergo some changes in its latest version which include the offering of thumbnail images of attachments, and the complete removal of boxes filling the page in the Web version. These cool advanced features are likely to help the users to distinguish the spam messages, and avoid it from clicking and getting into troubles because of that. The users will be able to stay away from the unwanted contents easily with the help of this new service.

The CNN report also added that users which will access their Yahoo mailbox via an iPhone will be allowed to choose multiple messages and swipe to highlight, delete or file the messages they would receive eventually.

How are you taking this new upgraded e-Mail service of Yahoo? Are you ready to switch over? Do let us know via your valuable comments.

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