Best Android Text Messaging App

best android text messaging app

Android is the popular smartphone platform out there and text messaging is one of the best part of it. If you own a stock android phone then it already came with some built in/default android text messaging app and Google Hangout is the official text messaging/SMS/MMS/IM app for android phones. However, you can also go for some best android text messaging app on Google play store.

Text messaging is one of the big part for android phones and so it’s already came with built in SMS and text apps but maybe (according to your point of view and using experience) the standard messaging app that come on your phone is not the best for you. You might think that it’s a bit unhandy or does not include a lot of stroke when it comes to features. Fortunately, android we can replace these inbuilt app with some best android messaging and text apps. Most of these apps are of different designs and add so extra features including multimedia messaging to your messaging experience.

I think you’ll now getting some relax after knowing that you can replace your default android text messaging app with some best alternative apps and some of these android messaging apps will handle regular messaging without requiring you and your friends to use the same messaging platform.

All these android text messaging apps use your phone signal and texting allowance in your contact and you should not to be confused with messenger apps such as Facebook messenger app for android, messaging app for WhatsApp etc. This article is also not taking detail explanation about any particular app but offer an overview of popular several Text Messaging App For Android

I have mentioned some of the best text messaging apps for android and the one’s I have listed here received pretty good review on Google play store.

Best Android Text Messaging App

Now, let’s go to it!

TEXTRA SMS [Best android text messaging app]

best android text messaging app

Textra sms is definitely a marvellous looking text messaging app for android. Especially after receiving its Material Design inspired update, people are more interested towards this text messaging apps.

This android messaging app is quiet customizable in nature. You can choose color themes, set dark mode at night, can set night mode off at day time, request delivery reports, auto save videos and images to your phone and more. 

The Textra also got the quick reply pop up means that it immediately replies after tapping on notification. This android app has also take proper care of your MMS including pictures and group messaging.

You can download this app for free from Google Play store.

Google Messenger [Best android text messaging app]

best android text messaging app

Most of the android users are not a big fan of hangout which is a built in messaging app in android phone but Google messenger another story from Google. The Google messenger is another very good messaging app for android phone. It has got eye smoothing material design interface and as well as you can send free text, images and record audio clip within the app. Overall , it is a best android messaging app that you can give a try.

Chomp SMS [Best android text messaging app]

best android text messaging app

Chomp SMS has been around for a long time, and progressed itself as one of the most popular android SMS apps. The main features of chomp SMS include huge array of emojis, passcode app lock, message locks, and quick reply popups.

Go SMS [Best android text messaging app]

best android text messaging app

Go SMS is one of the robust SMS apps for android phones. This android phone has got huge collection of themes which are customizable in nature and brings along features like message encryption, pop-ups notification, delayed send, attachment, group messaging, MMS and more. 

8SMS [Best android text messaging app]

best android text messaging app

A best alternative to some freely SMS apps for android, 8SMS messaging app for android is a straight to the point messaging app for android with bit more functionality such as stock SMS/MMS app, quick pop-ups replies etc. In my opinion, if you’re looking for a simple messaging app for your android phone then giving 8SMS is worthy for you. Its energy saving dark theme is another factor that makes it relevant to the user experience. The 8SMS app is available for free on Google Play store.

So, these are some best text messaging apps for android. Really, inbuilt messaging app doesn’t provide so much of functionality to the users and we should really thanks to the android app developers to develop such best and worth text messaging app for android.

Do you agree with our list of best android text messaging app? Do let us know via comment box given below. 

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