Google to engage in operating Wireless Networks in Afro-Asian Markets

Internet giant Google is expected to operate wireless networks in markets of Southeast Asia and sub-Saharan Africa
Internet giant Google is expected to be involved heavily in a number of key projects to engage in operating and creating wireless networks in some of the most emerging markets including the likes of Southeast Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) published an article recently about this would be projects of Google. In the article WSJ said that this effort would be able to connect at least 1 billion (expected to be more than this) new people to the internet if everything goes according to the plan.

The article also mentioned Google’s noble efforts to create the scope of using internet by building wireless networks for a large number of people who eventually live outside the area of important and advanced major cities. These staggering cities do not have any internet connections whatsoever, not even wired networks. There all these modern technologies are scarce only, according to a latest report of

The WSJ article also said that Google is very much likely to set up an advanced ecosystem by using new advanced microprocessors and very low-cost smartphones that would be run on its own invention Android mobile operating system. The system might also use balloons to transmit signals between the networks. These hi-fy balloons or blimps are generally known to us as high-altitude platforms that will be very useful for such data transmissions programme.

Google has decided to make partnerships with a few local companies in some of the countries of this region in order to speed up the whole work by developing the networks. It is also planning to come up with an ideal business plans to support those small local companies. According to the Google’s plan it will offer its own wireless technologies that it has developed very recently to support such emerging networks in its initial days.

It has to be mentioned here that Google has already launched superfast fibre network in the Kansas City area of the United States. That’s not all; the ultrafast fibre network is in use in the other areas of the US too. This network has been creating very powerful Wi-Fi networks, and till now there is no match available for it in the entire world. Another highlighting fact is use of internets has been increasing in a very high rate, in fact by 2017 Internet connections in India only might surpass 380 million.

The Wall Street Journal concluded that Google has been now going through a series of discussions with regulators in countries including South Africa and Kenya. These discussions are mainly based on changing or in some cases bending rules to allow the active use of airwaves that are for now fully reserved for TV broadcasters.

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