How to Reduce Loading Time of Your Wordpress Blog

Blog loading time can dramatically impact your website ranking and conversion. According to Google, blog’s loading speed is considered as a ranking factor for blog and that’s why it is important that we should work to reduce our blog loading time. If you are using blogger platform then you’ll hardly notice any downtime of slows-down of your blog but on word press things are different and bloggers have one thing to worry about blog loading time.

For best of your knowledge, you should know a fact that if an eCommerce site or blog which is making $100,000/day, a delay of 1 second page load time of that site can cost it a yearly loss of $2.5 million.  Readers expect that the site should load within 2 seconds while a delay of more than 3 second can make 40% of your reader to leave your site.

so, in this post I’m discussing about few best tips which reduce the loading time of your word press blog and thus makes it better in terms of search engine. So, implement these tips into your blog and optimize your blog loading time and get blazing fast blog.

Avoid using lots of word press plugins:

Plugins are one of the biggest powers of word press some bloggers are so obsessed with it that they are using more than 20-30 Plugins on their single blog and you might also be one from them.  Well, Plugins are really not a bad thing but on word press you should minimize the number of Plugins. If you need a functionality which can be done by fast coding, then that will be very handy. You should use at-least one cache Plugin and in my opinion W3 Total Cache is best for word press blog.

Optimize your image:

Making a blog’s post illustrative by integrating relevant images is always a nice strategy to attract visitor’s attention but too much of it is not good. Therefore, you must use more than 3-4 images per page of your word press blog. You can use JPG image in place of PNG to save your web page space.

Avoid displaying flash on your blog:

Flash content on a word press blog leads to increasing the loading time of a blog. Avoiding flash and related Plugins can add to efficiency of your site. Google also recognized Flash as a bad thing for SEO. So, in my opinion you should completely get rid of Flash content on your word press blog.

Use a better host:

If you are using self hosted word press blogs then you have a great advantage of choosing the right web host for your blog. When it comes to hosting your word press site, you would never want to host your blog on a server that is crappy with no or poor support.  I recommend you to use a better host and nothing better choice than Blue-host.

Do not use too many posts on your homepage:

Most of the word press themes have the option to limit the number if themes displayed at your blog’s homepage. You should limit it at 7 to 10. I would not suggest you infinite scroll if you really want your blog to load faster.

Do not use java scripts at the top your blog:

Having java scripts like social flows from twitter or Google+ can be a major factor which result in increasing the loading time of your blog. You can put the Google analytics code at the footer and it will make your blog load faster by itself loading after all your content has been displayed on your blog page.

So, these are few tips from me which will help you in reducing the loading time of your word press blog and makes it faster for better experience of your users.  If you like this post helpful then share it among your social friends.

How to Auto Share Old Word Press Blog Posts on Various Social Networking Site?

Every blogger after writing some unique and evergreen posts on his/her blog starts promoting their blog posts on various social networking sites like Facebook. If you want to re-speed the web out of your blog-post, will you go manually to each social networking site and post them? Of course yes, so many bloggers in lack of proper knowledge go manually but what If a wordpress Plugin or a web service does the same work for you within quick time.

As you know social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. are the famous social networking sites for bloggers, and if you have built a credible profile on these sites then your shared links will have great value. Sharing your blog posts on these sites can drag and attract a lot of visitors to your site.

You might not like to waste so much of your time for a single blog post on every social networking site and so there is a need of Plugin. In this post, I have shared some of the best Plugin and web service for your blog which helps you in auto sharing of your old blog posts on various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

1. Jetpack Publicize

 Jetpack Publicize is a popular wordpress Plugin which is natural choice for so many wordpress bloggers. You can use this Plugin to share your blog posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Yahoo. Setting up Publicize is also very easy and you can choose your desired post to share on the social networking sites where you want to post them on a post by post basis.

2. Social Publish

 Social Publish is a direct web service which shares your blog posts socially as soon as it is published. You do not have to create a separate app for different social sites to use this service. You just need to sign up with social publish and link it or connect it with your social networking account. Like Publicize Plugin, even here you can choose desire social sites where you want to post your content.

3. WP auto share post

 WP auto share Plugin automatically shares your post with a pre defined message to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. The Plugin is slightly more technical than Jetpack and so you have to create separate app for Facebook and Twitter.  The Plugin supports URL shortening which is the best way to track your links. The Plugin not only share your post on social networking sites but also pulls in comments to the post from Facebook and post them directly to the blog comment section.

So, these are some of the Plugins and web services that most of the bloggers use to auto share their old blog posts on social networking site. If you know about any other and thinks to be in this list then please share it in your comment.

Why Word Press is Better than BlogSpot

It is always a confusing state for almost all newbie bloggers to choose the right blogging platform for them. Though, most suggested platforms are Blog Spot, word press, Tumblr etc. Now, when we talk about creating a blog from professional point of view then word press is always a better choice. There are so many things which you can only do with a self hosted word press blog but on a Blog Spot blog you have to face some limitations.

Since, both the word press and Blog Spot offer free blogging platforms to every blogger which is really an advantage for the newbie to start his blogging career but it is not the best choice. As a blogger you should know about the limitations of using free blogging platforms. If you are using any one of these platforms then read this article carefully to know about the limitations of free blogging platforms over self hosted word press blog.

As I mentioned Blog Spot is a good blogging platform to start your blogging career but in long run of blogging, self hosted blog is what you should select.  Here are some major points of word press dash board which I am going to mention, that will clearly explain the advantage of word press over Blog Spot.

Control over your blog:

Control over blog is one of the major factors that's why I support self hosted blog. Blog Spot is owned by Giant company Google and there might always a chance that they can delete your Blog Spot account without giving you any such notification. The case is quiet same even when you use custom domain feature. The chances are high that if spammers use feature flag as spam and report your blog as spam the Google might remove your blog. This is the common issue faced by so many successful Blog Spot bloggers and by  doing a quick search on Google, you will realize many bloggers faced this problem.

Search Engine Optimization:

The first thing which every blogger look for is traffic regardless of where the blog is hosted. In simple words search engine optimization means optimizing your blog for search engines and getting traffic from search engine. When you compare word press and Blog Spot then you will see word press offers more options and plugins to optimize your blog for major search engines where as in Blog Spot, you are limited to certain SEO setting.

Plugins and Support:

Word press consists of features like Plugins and a strong community for support and help. For example, on Blog Spot you have to spend a lot of time editing your theme to show related posts and adding such features but word press makes your blogging easy using simple plugins for everything you need.


You can consider it as human perception of tendency that most of the people does not see Blog Spot with good eye. One of the common reason behind this fact is it’s free and mass number of people are using Blog Spot for Black Hat SEO, spamming and for affiliate landing pages for their blog or websites too. But in case of self hosted word press blog things are different and people thinks that the guy has paid for the service and he is serious about his blog.

Reselling Your Blog:

If you want to sell your blog then blog spot is a bad choice for you. Google strictly doesn’t allow reselling of Blog Spot blogs but you can always resell your self hosted blog.
So these are the factors that makes word press better than that of Blog Spot. Also, word press keeps updating and releasing its new versions which comes with some extra added features and functionality but on Blog Spot, there are very few updates which happens over the time.

If you like this post helpful then do not forget to share among your various social friends.

How to Write Perfect SEO Optimized Articles in WordPress

Traffic is the main things for a blog and as you know getting traffic for your post is really a tedious task for bloggers especially when it comes to dragging traffic with your older posts. One of the best ways to keep dragging traffic for your recent posts is make them search engine friendly. In long run, it is only search engine which can help you to get traffic for your posts.  In this article I’m going to share some of the tips for you to write SEO optimized articles for your WP blog which will help you to get betterranking and your content will rank higher or crawl better in major search engines like Google.

As you know that every blog post is like a web page in terms of search engine and you can always optimize your each and every blog posts for search engine for specific keywords. Though there are certain things which you should keep in mind and that I’ll be discussing right in this post.

SEO Optimized Articles writing:

1. Post Title and Meta Title

First thing which you should understand is how post title and Meta title are different:

Post Title: This is the title that how your visitor will see your post.

Post Meta Title: Post Meta Title is what search engine will see and show your post in search results. So, it is always a good activity to keep your target keywords in Post Title and Meta Title. Usually, Post title is H1 tag and it’s important to keep your target keywords in post title.

2. Post Meta Keywords:

Post Meta keyword is one of the most crucial part of your content SEO and it has been seen that most blogger tends to ignore it. Every post your write is very important from ranking and traffic point of view. The most common mistake that we make is by using generic keywords in every blog post. For example when we write a post with the title:

## Pulse: Best messenger applications for I phone

## We use many keywords like: messenger, Pulse, I phone, application and so on.

This is really not the best keywords because you are trying to rank your post for generic keywords. Do you think that individual post should rank for keyword: messenger, Pulse, I phone, application? You can use keyword research tools like Traffic Travis to see keyword competition and searches/month.

This will help you in picking up the best keyword for your blog post.  For example:

## Pulse: Best messenger applications for I phone

## Keyword: Best I phone messenger application, messenger applications for I phone.

3. Image Alt attribute:

This is one thing that most of the bloggers usually ignore. We use software’s like snag or use site’s to find the image for our post. Though we never tries to optimize the images for keywords. It is always a good idea to keep the name relevant to image itself. For example: you take screenshot of Adsense and use name as Adsense but again it is not targeted and so instead you should use name as Adsense dashboard.

For best results you can sue WP Plug-in name SEO friendly image, which uses the image name as ALT. attributes and thus when visitors search the image in Google image search, they will automatically land on your blog posts.

4. Interlink and Anchor text:

When you are posting your new blog post then try to link it back to your older posts so that reader will find the old [posts and also search engines will re-crawl the old blog posts. Now when you interlink your blog posts, you should use the anchor text techniques to interlink. You can also use Plug-in name Word press Insights which helps you to interlink quickly.


Generally we use ‘’The’’ styling feature to style blog post which is good but as the same time you can’t ignore an important part of SEO and that is proper use of H1 H2 and H3 heading. Being human we tend to make mistakes but it is also true that we can learn a lot from our mistakes and same is the situation with SEO. So learning from your mistakes always try to write quality and well SEO optimized article for your blog.

If you have any queries or suggestion which I might have missed, do let us know via comment. Your comments are always valuable for us.

How to Disable Right Click on Wordpress Blog

While there is no way to completely stop people from stealing your content (Images, Sentence etc., but you can make things harder. Disabling right clicking on your site is one way you can use to deter casual theft.
In this post , I am going to talk about a plug and play WordPress Plugin named WP-Copyright-Protection. After installing and activation of this Plugin on your word press site, this Plugin clear your cache and you will see that you can’t text or right click in your word press site.

The WP-Copyright-Protection doesn't have any configuration panel and so it’s very simple to  use (Install and Activate). The Plugin after successful activation starts working on your site. Before you install this Plugin to your word press site, make it sure that you are in complete need to disable right click in your site as disabling text may deteriorates your user experience.
You can download WP-Copyright-Protection Plugin from official Plugin repo.
Anyway, either you use or not, I would love to know your opinion on disabling text in word press. What do you think, if a webmaster enable or disable right click feature in his site. Let, if you are a webmaster then which method you will use and what will be your reason for enabling or disabling it?
So, we have discussed about WP-Copyright-Protection Plugin which really suits most of the word press blog. Like WP-Copyright-Protection, there are other Plugins too which can protect your image by no right click image in your site. One of the Plugin named ‘’ No Right Click Images Plugin’’ is the best among them.

No Right Click Images Plugin uses the java script to change the right click action on IMG tags to disable the context menu.
This Plugin disables the context menu on site’s images only so that the other right clicks options such as links will work normally. Sometimes, browsers prevent Java Script from altering the context menu activity. To get around this, this Plugin uses a replacement image to replace the clicked image.

While disabling right click will stop everyday users from stealing your content on the other hand it is not effective. Those users who really want to take someone image from your site will simply take a screenshot or turn java Script off to turn right clicking back on.

What do you think about disabling right clicking? Let us know what you think by commenting in the comment box. 

Top 3 Ways to Remove Unwanted Sound from Videos

Now people deal with video more and more frequently to record good moment of life and share with people. But sometimes we have problems and we want to find some solutions. Here we are talking about some effective way to remove unwanted sound from a video. You might want to remove the sound on the video and add some audio or you just want to separate the video from the audio. This allows you to use the audio separately from the said video or use the video with a different voice over. 

Traditionally, for one to remove sound from the video, one had to reduce the volume to zero. Another option was clicking on the mute button which had to be done manually. With the advent of technology, there are various options to remove sound from a video. Here are the top 3 ways to remove unwanted sound from a video.

Samsung Galaxy S5 with Fingerprint Scanner, Smartphone for Smart People

Samsung launches its flagship smartphone the Galaxy S5 with fingerprint scanner

The rumors of Smartphones are buzzing all around but now all eyes are firmly locked on the new Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone as it came up with amazing features. The Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone was unveiled at MWC (Mobile World Congress) in Barcelona on Sunday 23th Feb 2014 with its blasting features.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Design:

Impressive Samsung Galaxy S5 came up with some new ideas and technology for its users, this is likely to be one of the biggest premium smartphone of 2014.The Galaxy S5 design reminds me the S2 for its more rectangular shape but its overall construction is more solid than before.

Philips Unveils its First Android-powered 4K Ultra HD TVs

Philips finally launches its first Android-based HD TV

Philips has launched its Top-end 8800 series with an Android operating system for 2014. The series also have full HD and Ultra HD models and it is also accessible to Google Play Apps.  Phillips will launch the T.V series in Europe and Russia between April and June 2014 but it is not sure that it will be release in U.K.

World is moving very fast these days and the technological world is contributing the major boost up in it. The features of this T.V Models which makes them Interesting area s follows,

You can have Android operating system on a giant ultra HD 4k display and the sound is awesome. This will enhance the Gaming and T.V experience at the same time. The users will have wide range of apps because they will have access to Phillips Smart T.V apps and Google play Store too. This means the users can get Google chrome browser, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many More. The features are quite stunning.

Gameloft Releases "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" Game for Android and iOS

Gameloft launches Captain America: The Winter Soldier Globally
The most awaited game at this time has finally released by Gameloft, Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Gameloft released it for Android and iOS via Google Play and Apple iTunes App Store respectively. The game is not yet released for the Windows phone but it will be listed for this platform soon, announced by Gameloft. The game has arrived in the market before its movie version. After seeing the teaser of the launched by Gameloft, we all assumed that the game would release on 4th April with the movie.

In this game you can lead your S.H.I.E.L.D and play as Captain America. You will have to contain a severe attack from many crime organizations to save this world with your S.H.I.E.L.D combat team. You have to use all the tactical skills to lead your team correctly and when you will fail to contain attacks then you can call Black widow and Falcon to help you and make it in your favor. Gameloft claimed that you can fill 100% Marvel experience.

Moto X Exclusive Launch, Full Specifications And Price In India

Moto X is now exclusively launched at Flipkart @23,999
Finally most awaited Motorola Smartphone “Moto-X” is now available through online megastore “Flipkart” after a successful launch of “Exceptional Phone in Exceptional Price” Moto G. It is carrying a price tag of 23,999 rupees (Check here).

Flipkart posted on Twitter, “Big news! The #MotoX will start at Rs. 23999 & is releasing tomorrow!”

It’s all five colour variants except the wood back version will be on store from today. The wood back version will be retailed at Rs. 25,999 (Buy it now).

Huawei to unveil dual OS Android and Windows Phone Smartphone in Q2 of this year

Huawei is all set to launch world's first dual OS (Android+Windows) smartphone in the Q2 of 2014
The world famous Chinese tool maker Huawei has recently confirmed that they are working on a dual OS Smartphone that will be available in the US market in second quarter of current year. This phone will be running on Windows and Android operating system both.

Shao Yang, Huawei's chief marketing officer spotted some points on their upcoming phone with dual operating system in an interview with Trusted Reviews. .

Yang said, "We are still committed to make Windows Phone devices. Compared with Android, the priority of Windows Phone is much lower but is still one of our choices of OS. We are definitely using a multi OS strategy."

Facebook launches rolling out video ads in News Feeds

Facebook is trying to boost its revenue from advertising by rolling out video ads in news feeds
Leading online social network Facebook stated weaving video advertisements into its user’s news feeds in order to grab revenue from the billion dollar television market.

Susan Buckner, who is eventually the Product Marketing Manager at Facebook, said, "Brands now have another way of engaging people on Facebook with compelling video experiences. We'll roll out Premium Video Ads slowly and monitor how people interact with them."

The duration of these ads is 15 second that will play automatically and pop up in news feeds. It will be designed to reach large audience in targeted areas by the advertiser with sight, motion and sound effects together. Facebook started testing with premium video ads at the end of last year. 

"Premium Video Ads are bought and measured in a way that's similar to how advertisers already buy and measure ads on TV" Buckner added.

HP Slate 7 Voice Tab Key Specifications and Price in India

Popular PC manufacturing Brand HP is launching its Slate 7 Voice Tab in India at Rs. 16,990
World’s one of the most valued PC brand HP’s new “Slate 7 Voice Tab” officially unveiled in India via its  very own online store at Rs. 16,990 with a promise to deliver it within 7 business day.

Former top computer manufacturer didn’t reveal any availability details of Slate 7 Voice Tab.

HP slate features a 7 inch full HD IPS display (1280×800) which provides an intuitive and friendly Interface in order to help a user to operate the phone with super finesse. It is powered by 1.2 GHz quad-core Marvell PXA 1088 processor and runs on powerful Android 4.2 Jelly Bean mobile Operating System.

Finest Android Apps for Complete Entertainment Always

several finest android apps which you can download on your smartphone
It wouldn’t be a big surprise if you own an Android compatible smart phone today. The reason you are claiming such categorized phone collections is due to its smart features that keeps you busy always. Whether you desire to play games, have a social networking updates or wish to apply for job vacancies everything is possible with android phones today.
Day by day fresh applications are entering the markets that are compatible to almost all versions of androids. If you start making a download of those, your external memory may be insufficient enough to download all. But still there are some great apps that you need to download now for complete satisfaction

XOLO Q3000 Full Specifications and Price in India

XOLO launches its latest phablet the XOLO Q3000 in India. Check full specifications, price and quick review of this device.
XOLO, One of the fastest growing mobile-handset making companies, has recently launched yet another smartphone under its most popular ‘Q’ series in India and named it XOLO Q3000. It has come up at a price tag of Rs. 20,999, and it is fully equipped with a few best quality features and surely one of the finest Android phones that are currently available in the Indian market.

The XOLO Q3000 sports a 5.70 inch full-HD IPS Display screen, which can offer amazing resolutions of 1080*1920 pixels along with the pixel density of 386ppi. It is powered by a 1.5 GHz MediaTek MT6589T Quad-core processor.  

Few days back it was listed on a popular eCommerce website of India for Rs. 18,849, and interestingly that particular listing is still there as of now. However, it was last week only when another biggie from the online retailers had put this Android device up for pre-order at a price of what the company is actually quoting now i.e. Rs. 20,999.

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