China’s ZTE is now the 3rd Largest Smartphone Suppliers in United States

ZTE has become the 3rd largest smartphone supplier in the United States, as its overall prepaid market share increased to huge 17 per cent in 2012.
China-based ZTE has become the 3rd largest smartphone supplier in the United States, as its overall prepaid market share in the country for the smartphone category has increased to huge 17 per cent in the first financial quarter of 2013.

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) published these figures in its report after studying the detailed analysis of ITG Market Research. ZTE is eventually one of the best smartphone makers of the world, and it is achieving continuous progress in various key markets in past few years.

The People's Daily, which is basically a China based state-owned daily newspaper, has also published a report on the Chinese vendor last Friday. According to that report last year ZTE earned the tag of the fastest growing smartphone vendor in the United States.

According to the Chinese daily, ZTE has been expanding its businesses quite frequently these days, and its rapid and steady in the U.S. prepaid market might have worked as a positive catalyst for this really quick expansion plan. In fact ZTE strengthened its partnerships with some mainstream American carriers to deliver its products conveniently. It also launched 18 new smartphone devices in 2012 only, and each of that has contributed enough to this success.

The commitment of ZTE is to bring quality communications with the help of advanced technology to the users. The vendor is currently offering various ranges of mobile devices and gadgets including the likes of smartphones and tablets.

Mr. Cheng Lixin, who is the current senior vice president and North America CEO of ZTE, was interviewed by the People’s Daily, and his inputs were included in the report itself. He explained ZTE’s approach, future plans, motto, and commitments to the Chinese daily.

It has to be added here that currently this Chinese company is enjoying the precious tag of the fourth largest mobile device manufacturer of the world in terms of total unit shipments of the products worldwide. Its advanced features have been able to attract the smartphone users, and thus it achieved these much of successes over the years. However, the current leading mobile device manufacturer Samsung already sold 10 million Galaxy S4 units Worldwide.

However, along with Huawei, which is another popular Chinese networking device producer, ZTE too have been suffering from thorough investigation procedures by the governments of various countries including the U.S., India, and some key European countries. According to these governments ZTE, Huawei have been allegedly spying on these respected countries important databases.

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