Apple Reintroduces iPhone 4 16GB in India at a Price of Rs. 31,800

Apple has recently reintroduced the iPhone 4 16GB in India at Rs. 31,800.
The worldwide smartphone making company Apple has recently reintroduced its flagship device the iPhone 4 16GB for the Indian users at a price of Rs. 31,800. Several market sources have revealed this surprising move of the ‘most valuable company’, and even the NDTV Gadget published a news report on it.

At the launch period of iPhone 5 in India, Apple reduced the prices of all iPhone 4S models, and since then only the iPhone 4 8GB device was available in the market that too was in line with the policy of the company. Now for the time being Apple is reintroducing its iPhone 4 16 GB variant for the Indian users. The news is fully confirmed, as some leading online retailers have already listed the device on their websites.

According to our prediction very soon the smartphone will be available to the interested buyers across the country, as the shipments are already on their way to be supplied to the retailers that will be offering it. Just like before the phone will be available in both the two color variants which are Black and White.

Apple’s this move has many interesting outlooks, and a large chunk of market analysts are currently discussing over it. It has to be added here that the 16 GB version of the iPhone 4 is reportedly not officially available in any other key important markets. So now the main question is what the Apple is cooking? Whether the company is ending the journey of the 8 GB version of the iPhone 4 or it is just thinking of reintroducing the 16GB iPhone 4 in other major markets too in the days to come is not clear yet.

Currently the iPhone 4 8GB has a price tag of Rs. 26,500, though generally a interested buyer can own it at a much lower price than the MRP rate from the market. Apple was running some great promotional activities and a few cash back and exchange offerings, which help the company to record some solid businesses especially through the 8 GB iPhone 4 variant in past few months. Eventually the phone was available for under Rs. 20,000 thanks to the offers what Apple was providing towards the Indian consumers.

We are expecting that Apple will come up with similar offers on the 16GB iPhone 4 too in order to grab the attention of the masses. Actually this will be a must thing to do as next week the phone is going to be exactly 3 years old, so carrying a high price tag of over Rs. 30,000 won’t help it at all. It will also face stiff competitions from the similar offerings other smartphone makers like Samsung’s Galaxy S4 mini, or Sony’s Experia Z, Nokia’s Lumia smartphones, or BlackBerry’s Q10.


What are you thinking about this move of the Apple? Who the current king of the global smartphone market? Please feel free to tell us, as we would like to hear more from our precious readers.

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