Now You Can Download Microsoft Windows 8.1 Preview

Microsoft has announced that from now people can download Windows 8.1 Preview.
Finally the wait is over, as the IT giant Microsoft has announced that from now on people will be able to download the much-awaited preview version of Windows 8.1, which is basically the update to its own Windows 8 desktop operating system. This announcement was come in the Build developer’s conference.

This new version is basically like a final beta mode, and it is likely to have some bugs in it. As a result of that Microsoft is not recommending it to the absolute newbies. It said that you should only install the preview version in your PC if you are completely comfortable with all the troubleshooting options.

The company made it clear that the software is still in the development stage so you might get into trouble or encounter several errors or lose some crucial functionality by installing it. It has also added that the final version Windows 8.1 could contain several more changes.

If you’re interested, and savvy enough with troubleshooting procedures then you just need to visit the official Windows 8.1 Preview page to download the new version. Basically you just need to download a small programme in order to complete the step.

The problem is you won’t be able to uninstall Windows 8.1 Preview from your PC; instead you’ll need to undergo a brand new install in order to go back to your Windows 8 OS. So please think twice before installing it for sure.

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After the completion of the programme, you will just need to execute it, and then your own PC will ask you to restart. After that it will provide you an option to download the Windows 8.1 from the dedicated Windows store. As earlier we published here that this update won’t cost anything. The overall installation process is quite easy, as you just need to follow all the helpful instructions provided by the Microsoft.

Another highlighting fact is that Microsoft didn’t forget to mention the names of a few devices which are yet not compatible with the preview version. Eventually it published a separate list to acknowledge this matter.

In its official statement Microsoft said,

"Some tablets and PCs running newer 32-bit Atom processors require updates to their graphics drivers before they can run the Windows 8.1 Preview. Those tablets and PCs include the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2, ASUS VivoTab TF810C, HP Envy X2, HP ElitePad 900, Samsung ATIV Smart PC, and Fujitsu ARROWS Tab. We are working closely with Intel and OEM partners to deliver updated drivers that will allow you to install the Windows 8.1 preview as soon as possible.”

The Windows 8.1 update comes up with a few new improved features. It has a new Start tip that provides Start menu like functionality, improved and updated search, wallpapers for Start screen, automatic application updates, advanced PC settings, awesome multitasking experience, a brand new revamped version of Internet Explorer, and a few others.

Final Words

We think Microsoft is planning to launch its final version later this year, and it has unveiled this preview version in order to fix the bugs in it. Let’s see how it goes.

So are you planning to download Microsoft Windows 8.1 Preview? What are your expectations from it? Share with us via commenting below. We would love to hear your precious thoughts.

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