NPCI Introduces eCommerce Solution 'RuPay PaySecure'

NPCI introduced its own brand new eCommerce solution, which is labeled as 'RuPay PaySecure'.
Last Friday the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) introduced its own brand new eCommerce solution, which is labeled as 'RuPay PaySecure'. This new payment gateway will eventually allow all existing RuPay card holders to purchase products online via making payments through it.

What is NPCI?

The National Payments Corporation of India is the pioneer body in the area of retail payment systems in India. This organization was introduced by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), and currently it has 10 core promoter banks under its belt.

Mr. A P Hota, who is the current Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of NPCI, recently acknowledged this matter with his official statement. While explaining its features he said, “With RuPay PaySecure solution, anyone having RuPay cards can make online payments to fulfill various need-based services such as reservations, booking, ticketing, shopping, utility bill payments in a secured manner.”

He added that India’s e-Commerce market is enjoying an impressive growth rate of annually 34 percent in recent times, and this payment solution would be able to provide a solid impact on that growth scenario.

What is RuPay?

According to Wikipedia, RuPay is the Indian domestic card payment network, which was being set up by NPCI. This project had been conceived by Indian Banks Association. Even the father of all banks RBI has also been endorsing it completely since its launch. It had been introduced to take on the ongoing schemes of several international cards like Visa, MasterCard etc. It eventually helps the banks to reduce the overall transaction costs.

We have already seen the solid interests that global e-Commerce giants like eBay and Amazon are having over Indian market. Amazon eventually launched its own marketplace in India (Amazon.In), and eBay invested a large sum of money in Snapdeal in order to utilize growing e-Commerce field of India properly. These moves simply show that this field is on the right path, thus it has started to attract global giants towards it quite rapidly.

Currently RuPay cards are acceptable at all ATMs across the country. The platform of these cards is pretty huge as it covers more than 91,000 ATMs and around 6.5 lakh PoS terminals in India only. Now with the support of the new e-Commerce solution it has been converting in to a fully functional card. NPCI is targeting to cover the acceptance of RuPay cards in 100% of the Indian e-commerce market by the end of this year (2013) only.

There are many front-running banks, which are offering RuPay cards to their customers currently. Some of the names of these banks are Bank of Baroda, Union Bank of India, Syndicate Bank, Bank of India, Oriental Bank of Commerce, and a few more. The company even added that HDFC Bank and State Bank of India have shown their interests, and as a good result of that these two banks might join the group of RuPay card issuers in the days to come.

It has to be added here that RuPay is the one and only home-based payment solution. It has emerged drastically, and it managed to issue more than 30 lakh (3 million) cards within only 2 years of its launch. This is simply amazing display of success indeed. In present times around 20 different commercial banks, more than 75 co-operative banks, and 32 regional banks are offering RuPay debit cards.


I personally it’s a great move by the NPCI, and it will help Indian e-Commerce base to record even further growths. Even the reach of the RuPay card holders will be increased with the launch of 'RuPay PaySecure'. What are your views on it? What is your favorite payment gateway for online transactions? Please feel free to share with us.

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