Amazon may Launch 2nd Generation Kindle Fire HD Tablet in August or September

Amazon may introduce the next generation Kindle tablets, the Kindle Fire HD 2 in August or September of 2013.
Recently I was reading a news report published by Taiwanese web publication. As per the report the global ecommerce giant Amazon is reportedly heading towards a mega launch of the much-awaited 2nd generation Kindle Fire HD tablet in the coming month of August or September.
The upcoming tablet has been named as the Kindle Fire HD 2, and it is rumored to be introduced along with the new ranges of Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets. The global IT giant is looking to strengthen its grip over the worldwide tablet market by unveiling the next generation tablets.

The report added that Amazon has some crucial plans in the upcoming days, and we might be able to see some major declarations from the company. As per the reports the company is gearing up to introduce three brand new Kindle tablets including a new variant of the Kindle Fire. The new variant is expected to replace the current entry level Kindle Fire priced at $159.
That’s not all, as the successor of Kindle Fire HD, which might be going to replace the ongoing Kindle Fire HD 7.0-inch, and a modified Kindle Fire HD 8.9-inch tablet would replace the current 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD. How cool is that? All the variants is going to have some major modifications and improvements.

It has to be mentioned that the information is not official yet, as Amazon has not declared any notifications whatsoever about this topic. But if the rumors are true then the Google Nexus 2 and Apple iPad mini 2 would up against the 2nd generation Kindle Fire HD tablets. Both of these tablets (Nexus 2 and iPad mini 2) are also rumored to be launched later this year only.

It is now official that Google is going to unveil its new Nexus 7 tablet in August, and it will be running on the latest Android version. On the other hand Apple too is reported to be heading towards the launch of its very own iPad mini 2 in the next festive season. It is going to be fun to watch which one of these three super cool tablets will be able to woo the tablet consumers most.

Many web publications already published about some rumored specifications about the new Kindle Fire HD tablets. It is going to feature better screens with ultra new design. Amazon has been planning to upgrade its own entry level Kindle Fire 7.0-inch tablet with a modified screen that will be offering resolutions of 1280*800 pixels. The 2nd generation Kindle Fire tablets are said to be much lighter and it would sport a more angular type of design, and the corners might not be rounded as well like the previous versions.

Final Words

The worldwide tablet market has become so much competitive due to the inclusion of IT majors like Google and Amazon in this base. Now later 2013 will feature a healthy completion between three great gadgets in deed, which are new Google Nexus 7, Amazon Kindle Fire HD 2 and Apple iPad mini 2.

Have you decided yet which is gearing up to be included in your prior possession? Which is the best tablet among these three according to you? Please share your thoughts with us.

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