Apple Acquires Location-based Crowdsourced Data Startup Locationary

Apple Inc. confirmed that it has bought location-based crowdsourced data startup company named Locationary.
IT major Apple Inc. has silently acquired a location-based crowdsourced data startup company named Locationary. The news has been confirmed by the company itself while speaking to the All Things Digital on this Friday only.

Locationary is basically a Toronto-based small startup company which works on location-based data. It updates its data constantly in order to ensure that all the local listings (business) are stay up-to-date. It eventually helps a person to identify the exact location of a business, and not only that it also readily informs a user about where the business goes when it shifts. It also provides information like whether a particular listing is open or not and several other highly valued, actionable data. So we can call it Wikipedia of local business listings.

Apple’s confirmation has now made the acquisition official, and we can hope that from now on Locationary will serve the end-users even more effectively. However, the company didn’t provide a single hint on why it felt the emergency of buying Locationary, but it is true that this move will eventually help the tech giant for sure. To be honest the location-based data of the startup may come in real handy with its very own Maps application.

Currently Google Maps is most widely used application to find a certain location, as its data are pretty accurate and timely updated. Now Locationary's data will actively ensure that all the local business listings are kept as accurate as possible within the Apple’s Maps application. This may help the company to come up with a readymade alternative to its rival Google Maps in the days to come.

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Another highlighting factor is that the terms and conditions of this quick acquisition of the Apple are yet to be declared officially. The company has not disclosed any of the details whatsoever till now. We may need to wait a few days more to know about the actually price of the whole acquisition.

Interestingly in September 2012, Mr. Grant Ritchie, who is the CEO of Locationary, wrote an article for one of the most popular tech news journal TechCrunch. In the article he beautifully explained a list five top most challenges Apple faces while unveiling its new mapping services. Now after a mere ten months later Apple decided to buy Ritchie’s own company in order to overcome those challenges.

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What do you think about this latest acquisition of Apple? Will Locationary be able to enhance the Apple Maps? Please feel free to share your views on this topic with us.

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