Chinese Institution Reportedly Develops 100-megapixel Camera

Chinese Institute of Optics and Electronics has successfully developed a 100-megapixel camera named IOE3-Kanban.

I have been digging around for several hours to get my hands on some real interesting news about the technological around. I basically want to share some breaking tech news with my beloved readers. I was in complete shock when I came to know that a Chinese Institution has successfully developed a 100-megapixel camera, which could easily be used for taking high resolution images in the important areas like disaster monitoring, aerial mapping and intelligent transportation systems.

The camera is named as the IOE3-Kanban, and it was completed by the Institute of Optics and Electronics under the supervision of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Eventually it has grabbed the crown of China's highest pixel camera according to a latest statement of the CAS.

The statement added that the Academy of Sciences has approved the fact that currently IOE3-Kanban is the highest pixel camera of China. The camera is well-capable of taking pictures with a resolution of 10,240 *10,240 pixels, which is bloody cool indeed. Isn’t it? I never thought that I would ever write an article on a 100-megapixel camera in my lifespan.

The best part of this camera is it is lightweight and small too. It measures only 19.3 cm with its widest part, which is definitely quite impressive. Chinese state-run Xinhua quoted the earlier statement in its report about this topic. It even added that the camera can be used at various temperatures ranging from minus 20 degrees centigrade to 55 degrees centigrade. This means it is possible to use this camera in almost every part of the world.

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Obviously it has features like high sensitivity and high dynamic range (HDR), which will help the camera module to capture high quality images in the fields of city planning, disaster monitoring, aerial mapping and intelligent transportation systems.

You may be wandering about intelligent transportation system. It is basically an advanced technology support system, which is mainly aimed to deliver innovative services that relate to several different modes of transport and traffic management. That’s not all; the system also helps to inform users in a better way. It provides 'smarter' use of transport networks by ensuring the utmost safety of the end users.

Coming back to the camera, it has been equipped with advanced optical systems high-capacity data recording systems and camera control systems. It has already been tested successfully on a trial by using it as an integral part of a national aerial remote-sensing system.

It has to be noted down here that the same Chinese Institute developed an 81-megapixel camera too during the 10th Five Year Plan period (2001-05) of China. As per reports the institute took almost two years to develop the latest sensation 100-megapixel camera.  

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