Google Owned Motorola to Launch Moto X Smartphone on August 1 in New York

Motorola Mobility is all set to officially launch its much-awaited Moto X smartphone on August 1 in the New York City.
Finally the long wait is going to end quite soon as Google owned Motorola Mobility is finally all set to officially launch its much-awaited Moto X smartphone on August 1 in the New York City. The company will eventually organize a special event for the launch.

Over the past we have seen several numbers of leaks of this upcoming smartphone, but that doesn’t mean that Motorola hasn’t kept some of the cards on its hands. Actually the company might be preparing to come up with some great surprises at the launch. However, it’s true that those leaks have taken some of the surprise elements out of the actual launch of the Moto X.

We have to admit that the entire gadget freak world is already quite aware of the looks and specifications of this upcoming device. We also have a rough idea about its capability in terms of software, but still we are eagerly waiting to see the actual picture of this smartphone.

Mr. Patrick Pichette, who is the CFO of Google Inc, confirmed that the company is going to reveal the ‘new Motorola’ in the coming weeks only. It has to be noted down here that many web publishers were saying that Moto X is approaching for a mega launch in August 2013. Now it has been made official by the company.

The company sent Email invitations to the media on last Friday. In the invitation the company included the name of Moto X in bold letters, and it also showcased some youths were holding the Moto X phone.

Millions of people around the entire world are eagerly waiting for this launch to happen, as it is going to be the very first smartphone to be developed by Motorola Mobility since 2012 when the search engine giant Google acquired it for $12.5 billion.

Motorola was facing serious number of troubles, and it has been suffering from huge operation losses over the last few years. In fact it recorded a loss of 342 million in the 2nd quarter (Q2) of 2013. Basically these losses are affecting Google’s overall profit margin too. So it is easily understandable that the price tag of Moto X is going to be very crucial indeed, and an affordable price tag might help the company to get back to the path of profits.

In the mean time we have already seen Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside saying that he is a keen lover of the concept of low-cost yet powerful gadgets. This may be a clear indication that Moto X will not cost that much at all. However, many journalists are treating a low-cost thing as a rumor only.

Final Words

So Motorola is launching the much anticipated Moto X smartphone at last. Many web publications, tech journals, and smartphone lovers are eying on that launch only. Are you ready for it? What are your expectations from Moto X?

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