Samsung Beats Apple and Nokia in Mobile Internet Usage Market Share

Samsung recently surpasses Apple and Nokia in terms of worldwide mobile internet usage market share, as reported by StatCounter.
World famous technology giant Samsung has recently added another feather to its coveted crown, as it beats another IT major Apple in terms of mobile internet usage globally. This means in present world more people are using Samsung devices in order to connect their mobiles with internet compared to the ones who are still sticking with Apple’s iPhones to access their online activities.

This surely creates a new trend in the patterns of smartphone Internet usage, as Nokia was a clear winner in this base for many years. According to a newly published report, which was prepared by a popular web analytics firm named StatCounter; mobile users prefer to use Internet via Samsung phones account for a huge 25.47 percent.

Eventually Samsung’s share clearly overtakes that of Apple’s with a difference of less than 1 percent. The share of iPhone users in this category was at 25.09 percent. The internet usage of Nokia users came at 3rd place, with a percentage of 21.96, and that of BlackBerry users account for only 3.62 percent.

It has to be mentioned here that all of these figures are entirely based on a sample methodology that was taken by the analytical firm. Basically the StatCounter code has been installed on more than 3 million websites around the world, which permits the firm to track the full usage report. The company clarified that these website almost cover a number of different activities and geographic locations, and the best part, these websites have been recording more than 15 billion page views every single month.

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Previous year Nokia had enjoyed the top spot of global mobile internet usage list, as its users registered a total usage of 28.05 percent. It was followed by Apple, which had seen total usage of 25.43 percent, and Samsung came 3rd only with a usage share of 19.46 percent. This proves that Samsung has been able to record very good numbers in term of mobile web usage.

The report also indicates that global mobile Internet usage from Samsung phones witnessed a sudden increase of around 6 percent from the last year only. Current most of the Samsung’s smartphones are powered by Google’s very own Android Operating system, which provides very good web experiences to the users. It might be the key to Samsung’s this solid success.

However, Apple’s iPhones are still leading in the advanced countries like United States (US) and United Kingdom (UK) in terms of internet usage via smartphones. Apple has successfully out-shined Samsung in these countries. In US almost 54.84 percent of total usage came from iPhones only. Samsung was far behind by accumulating only 18.3 percent of the internet usage. In the UK Apple enjoys a usage share of 47.97 percent, where Samsung is lagging far behind at 20.45 percent only.

But Android leads the list of mobile browsers with a total share of 29.06 percent, it is closely followed by the Safari (iPhone and iPod touch only), which recorded a share of 24.98 percent. Opera grabbed the 3rd place, as it has managed to sustain a share of 16.06 percent.

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