Finland based Uniqul Unveiled World’s First Face Recognition Payment System

Finland based local firm Uniqul has recently developed and launched the world’s first ever face recognition payment system.
Finland based local firm Uniqul has recently developed and launched the world’s first ever face recognition payment system, which can easily identify customers’ faces in order to help them to pay while purchasing anything via online.

With this system a person, who is not having credit card, mobile phone or other options, will still be able to purchase his desired things from online retailers. This is a great addition for sure in the payment gateway module for sure, and this proves how much the technological world is trending around the globe.

A popular news based website of Finland reported that the company will soon be deploying this innovative system in Helsinki, and currently it is working hard to launch it as soon as possible. If this happen, then Helsinki will eventually become the first city to have a face recognition payment system.

The company confirmed that the system will be to cut down the overall time spent by the users while making transactions after purchasing the products. The firm claimed that it allows a user to complete a whole transaction successfully within several mili-seconds. It will make the process ultra fast and hustle free.

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You must be wandering how this system will work right? Let me tell you that it that it is going to be very easy indeed. While using this system customers just need to click ‘OK’ on company’s tablet while purchasing or paying for certain products of your choice. In the background the needed biometrical information will be processed in order to locate the customer’s dedicated account in the database of the company.

Uniqul is currently a Helsinki based company, and it assured that the system is fully secured. It was using an advanced "military grade algorithms" to ensure that the security of the designed system was "impeccable".

However, the customers need to pay a monthly basis subscription fee to avail the advantages of this payment system. It is indeed the first of its kind, and the recent technology trends are keep telling us there are more in its carts in the days to come. What is next then? No idea!

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