Airtel to launch 4G Services in Delhi Circle by September 2013

Airtel to launch 4G services in high lucrative Delhi region by September 2013 with the help of Huawei network.
Leading telecom network Bharti Airtel is all set to expand its coverage area of 4G services by launching it in Delhi region by September of this current running year.

Delhi, the proud capital of India, has one of the most lucrative and high potential data markets in the entire country. It has to be added here that the company has already been offering high speed 4G services in cities like Kolkata, Bangalore, Chandigarh and Pune.

Airtel has chosen popular Chinese equipment making company Huawei to set up and operate the 4G network in Delhi. Earlier we published here that Huawei is likely to develop 5G technology by 2020. This simply means that the Indian telecom firm has given the responsibility to the right company indeed.

A source from the company itself said, "We are planning to launch 4G services in Delhi by September and has selected Huawei for the network."

Airtel has recently cut down its 4G data tariff rates by as much as 31 percent in order to engage more users in it to boost up the revenues. It is trying its level best to increase the overall data usage and all important adoption rates for the said service.

In 2010 the firm had successfully won the rights of spectrum for high-speed broadband service, which is popularly known as Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) in four important four telecom circles of Punjab, Kolkata, Karnataka and Maharashtra. The important part is that the Airtel had to pay Rs 3,314.36 crore for it. On that note we should not forget that Airtel introduced Free Zone for its users with Google just a few days back to offer zero cost internet access.

Last year we had seen Airtel to acquire 49 percent stake in the Indian 4G venture of Qualcomm Inc., which is one of the finest telecom companies of the United States. The venture was labeled as Wireless Business Services (WBS), and it had already won the license to provide high speed data connection in the regions of Mumbai, Kerala, Haryana and Delhi.

It has to be noted down here that Qualcomm had to pay a huge Rs 4,912 crore to acquire the BWA license for the four key telecom circles that I’ve already mentioned. However, in the same auction Reliance Jio Infocomm got the permission to acquire 20 MHz slot for pan-India BWA spectrum for Rs 12,847.71 crore.

At that time Reliance Jio Infocomm was known as Infotel Broadband Services. But the sad part is the company is yet to announce its roll out plan of the services.

Airtel currently owns 51 percent stake in WBS, and it is all set to acquire it entirely by the end of next year. The company has a few really huge plans in the days to come to strengthen its grip over the Indian Territory. Earlier it lost to Telenor to bag Myanmar telecom license, and that leads them to give more priorities to its native land.

As per sources, the company will introduce 4G services in Mumbai after the completion of Delhi roll out procedures. It has already started to talk with global players like Huawei and ZTE for network.

Presently 4G mobile Internet technology services offer the download speeds of as much as 100 Mbps (mega bytes per second) on the go, and interestingly it can go up to as high as 1 Gbps at a few fixed locations. It is currently the best available solutions to the thrust of high speed internet.

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