Apple continues its Shopping Spree, Acquires Transit Map Developer Embark

Apple recently acquires a transit app making startup named Embark
It seems like big companies are in the real mode of acquisition. Aren’t they becoming some kind of shopaholics day by day? The breaking news is that iPhone maker Apple has acquired yet another mapping company named Embark to enhance its Maps platform by adding several cool features in it.

Recently while browsing over the web, I found it this news in NDTV Gadgets. It reported that Apple has completed the acquisition of Embark, which is basically a small Silicon Valley based startup that designs transit apps with the aim of helping the users navigate the important public transportation with super ease.

However, the total monetary value of the deal is yet to be disclosed by both the companies. But, it is easily understandable that soon Apple will integrate the advanced technology of Embark in its own Maps to make it more developed and user-friendly.

Earlier we published that Apple has started giving priorities to its Maps, and they are looking forward to establish it as the best alternative to the Google Maps. In this process Apple already acquired ‘Locationary’, which was a fairly popular location-based crowdsourced data startup. Now it buys out Embark to carry on the momentum I guess.

An Apple spokeswoman confirmed the transaction. She said, "Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans."

Jessica E. Lessin recently published an article on her blog on this deal. In her post she mentioned that Embark was established in 2011, and since then it has been developing Android and iOS apps featuring public transit systems information for the busiest US (United States) cities like New York, San Francisco, Chicago and a few more. The blog post added that the iOS apps are still available in the Apple store for download but the Android apps have already been removed from the official Google Play Store.

Embark was having a large user base of more than half a million in November 2012, and certainly it would be benefitted by joining Apple, which earlier decided to move to its own Maps platform rather than recommending its users to use Google Maps. Prior to the acquisition, Apple Maps did not feature public transport information and earlier it used to recommend several other top level third-party apps in its App Store (including Embark).

In last couple of months we have seen Apple trying its level best to strengthen the features of its own Maps platform by acquiring popular online mapping services like HopStop, which offers directions to major transit systems and biking routes.

Apple’s Map was being criticized for number of experts for not having several key features like transit information, which are the most popular features on Google's maps.

Wrap Up

Yeah it’s true that Apple is continuously developing its Maps to make it useful for the users. But it has yet to cover a long route to take on Google Maps, which is still the no. 1 choice of most of the people while searching some places on the web.

What are your thoughts on Apple’s Maps platform and this latest acquisition? Do you think later it will be able to challenge the Google Maps? Let us know your opinions, as like always they are very much precious to us.

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