Sony Xperia Z1 to Arrive in India on September 18

Sony's upcoming flagship smartphone, the Xperia Z1 is to arrive India on September 18
Last month we have noticed several articles from different gadget and tech blogs related to the leaks and rumors regarding Sony's upcoming flagship smartphone, which is already named as the Xperia Z1 or Honami.

It is highly expected that Sony will launch this smartphone in its upcoming September 4 event. However, on the eve of this event, we have witnessed yet another rumor, which is claiming that the phone will be officially arrived in India on September 18.

The report added that Sony will launch this much-awaited Android device in India at an event in New Delhi. The highlighting factor is that India may be included among those prime countries where the phone will be arrived just within two weeks of its official global announcement. This is again establishing the fact that like other mobile & electronics majors Sony too has started to give utmost priority to the highly booming Indian smartphone market.

The rumor predicted that the Sony Xperia Z1 could be priced in the range of Rs. 50,000. It has to be added here that the company is yet to officially announce the expected price and market availability of the Xperia Z1 in the country.

Earlier, we have seen several leaked images of this smartphone online, and those pics have already given us a rough overview about the design of it. But we are still very much unclear about its specifications and key features. We need to follow the upcoming September 4 event to know more details about this phone. We’ll be publishing a follow up story after that event, which means you need to stay connected with us to cover that news too.

As we mentioned earlier that Sony Xperia Z1 will replace the Xperia Z Ultra as the company’s new flagship device. This reflects the fact that this particular smartphone may surprise us with its advanced features. It might feature some never-seen-before functionality too, and the speculations around it are really keeping up the buzzes around the whole world.

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