Track a Lost Phone with Google Android Device Manager

Now you can track a device with Google Android Device Manager.
Do you recently lost your favorite android phones? Do you want to track it down to get it back again? If the answers of the above two questions are yes, then you have arrived at the right place for sure. Today I’m going to reveal that very soon you will be able to track your lost phone easily with the help of Google’s new tool named Android Device Manager.

Yeah you heard me right folks, Google has declared that it developed a new tool that will help users to track their lost Android phones with ease on an easily accessible map. They can even go further with this tool by calling them or erase all the private information on the phone remotely.

The search engine giant announced that the new awesome service will be available by the end of this August only on such devices that are running Android 2.2 operating system or above. It’s worth mentioning here that you’ll need to be logged in to your Google accounts in order to take advantages of this service. Google will eventually offer a dedicated Android app to allow users to manage and track their Android devices by their own.

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Google recently published an official blog post in this matter, and in that post it mentioned that Android Device Manager can make a quick call to a linked device at the highest possible volume so that users can locate their phone easily. The best part is it will work even if the device has been put into silence mode by the user. The app can also locate it on a user-friendly map in real time. The IT major said, "If your phone can't be recovered, or has been stolen, you can quickly and securely erase all of the data on your device to keep your data from ending up in the wrong hands."

However, it is still the mystery why Google announced the service so much early, as it is yet to be launched. We think that it should have been announced when it was completely ready to use. But Google might be following the latest trend of the technological world in order to create a serious buzz among the Android loving people to make this service a mega hit.

It has to be added here that other major companies like Apple, Microsoft and BlackBerry have been providing this type of service for quite long time through Find My iPhone, Find My Phone and BlackBerry Protect respectively for their users. These three apps offer the similar services like track the location of a mobile phone, trigger an alarm, erase data remotely and lock it.

Now Google too is joining in the list too with the launch of its Android Device Manager. It is easily understandable that this service will be able to benefit millions of Android users all around the world in tracking their lost phones. Leading Global mobile maker Samsung and HTC have already unveiled similar services with their version of Android phones. Even Sony has joined the party by rolling out its own remote security service named ‘my Xperia’ in July 2013.

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