China’s Smartphone Shipments Likely to Cross 450 million in 2014

China's total smartphone shipments are expected to cross 450 million in 2014
We already know that China is the largest communist country of the world, and it has more English-speaking persons than the United States of America. This country has been showing tremendous growth for the last decade and that too in almost every field and with a continuous acceleration rate.

China is already enjoying the largest smartphone market of the world, and as per a latest report, it is very much likely to ship in more than 450 million smartphone devices in the year of 2014. It is almost a quarter more than this year’s total smartphone shipments. The report was prepared by the well-established research firm IDC.

IDC mentioned in the report that the shipments will take momentum as a good result of Chinese government's issuance of 4G licenses and it is quite likely that China Mobile Ltd would start retailing the almighty iPhones by that time. Eventually the China Mobile Ltd is currently the biggest wireless operator of the world.

Currently this market is mainly dominated by Lenovo Group Ltd and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, and if we go by the report, China is expected to ship in at least 120 million 4G-enabled devices to fulfill the consumer’s thrust of high-speed Internet connectivity. IDC claimed that this year’s smartphone shipments are likely to touch 360 million.

In the 2nd quarter of 2013, Samsung was having a market share of 18.5 percent in the country while its nearest rival Lenovo held 9.8 percent of market share. These two was able to maintain the much-needed lead in China over the other big giants like Apple, HTC and others. It has to be added here that in the Q2 period, China Wireless Technologies Ltd's Coolpad had find itself in a surprising 3rd position in the market share.

In that same quarter Apple fall down to 6th place as their market share dipped down to 5 percent only. It was at 5th place in the previous quarter, IDC added. This might happen due to the fact that the US tech major had not launched any new products in that period of time.

Mr. James Yan, a leading IDC analyst, said, "Affected by the sluggish sales of iPhone 5, Apple's market share has declined dramatically, but its performance is expected to remarkably improve with the launch of the new iPhone."

It’s worth mentioning here that Apple eventually launched two new smartphones, the iPhone 5s and a low cost iPhone 5c in China just a few hours after their mega U.S. launch. Apple was able to find ultimate success with these two new models. Eventually it sold 9 million new iPhones during the first three days in retail stores after China’s inclusion in the list of launch countries. However, the company didn’t reveal breakdown for the Chinese market as of yet.

In the mean time, tow leading carriers of the country, China Unicom and China Telecom are currently carrying iPhones in order to meet customer’s high demand.

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