Google Buys Bump, Renowned Smartphone Data Sharing App

Google has recently acquired Bump, which is a smartphone app that helps to share files between tow devices.
It seems like the season of acquiring has come back once again, and it’s the mighty Google Inc. itself in action. The search engine major has recently acquired Bump, the sole developer of a very popular smartphone application which allows users to easily share necessary files data just by bumping the devices together.

However, the financial terms and conditions are yet to be announced by both the entities. We’ll have to follow the aftermath events in order to get a proper view of the entire deal. Bump has already published a post at their official blog to acknowledge the acquisition.

Mr. David Lieb, the CEO at Bump, wrote the said post on behalf of his company. He proudly announced that his company’s apps will keep providing utmost utilities to the users. It has to be added here that few months back the company has included a useful photo sharing app named Flock too in its offerings.

I’m sure that most smartphone loving people are quite used to with Bump. It is undoubtedly one of most popular apps that provide option to share files between to devices with super ease.
Bump is a file sharing app for smartphones.

As I mentioned before that Bump team has developed an app of the same name, and that was launched publicly around four years back. It actually started the journey by offering an easy way out to share contacts on iPhones but later with time it has emerged a lot. It enhanced the functionalities, and began to share data between smartphones running both Android and iOS. The company also launches a social photo sharing app named Flock, with which a user can share images with desired groups.

Here I’m adding an excerpt of the blog post:

“Our mission at Bump has always been to build the simplest tools for sharing the information you care about with other people and devices.  We strive to create experiences that feel like magic, enabled behind the scene with innovations in math, data processing, and algorithms.  So we couldn’t be more thrilled to join Google, a company that shares our belief that the application of computing to difficult problems can fundamentally change the way that we interact with one another and the world.

Bump and Flock will continue to work as they always have for now; stay tuned for future updates.”

If you remember in March 2013, Bump announced that its benchmark app had been downloaded 125 million times, which is quite huge considering it is only four years old.

Google too admitted the buyout in an emailed statement. The California based company said, "The Bump team has demonstrated a strong ability to quickly build and develop products that users love, and we think they'll be a great fit at Google.”

Wrap Up

Google has a tendency of acquiring small start-ups and app makers. From 2010 onwards it has been purchasing at least a new company every week. Now it has bought Bump, and I think it is a welcome move.

What are your thoughts on this acquisition? Feel free to share your thoughts by commenting below this post.

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