Nokia Shuts Down its Digital Music Store in India

Nokia has shut down the web version of its digital music store in India.
Is Nokia going through the process of cleaning out the non performing assets in order to boost up the profit numbers? Well, it certainly looks like so. Recently the Indian extension of the Finland based company; the Nokia India has shut down the web version of its digital music store.

It has to be mentioned here that the Nokia Music Store had been running for over 4 years in the country. The Nokia lovers are very much disappointed with this news, and this might be their 2nd consecutive shock after the Microsoft’s Nokia buy-out.

The company has added a note on the dedicate website to acknowledge this matter. The note stated, "This Nokia music site is no longer available. You will not be able to download music from Nokia Music through your web browser, Nokia music player or Aditi. To download new music from Nokia Music and listen to Mix Radio you will need to have an active Nokia Music Unlimited subscription."

This simply means the Nokia users will still be able to download their favorite music via an active music subscription plan. From now onwards all the devices that are compatible with the Nokia Music Unlimited will come up with a certain free period of subscription. Users will also be able to renew their subscription for a small fee to explore the music service for a longer period of time.

The Nokia Music Store India was introduced in August, 2009 at the Music Connects conference. It had been allowing the users to browse conveniently and buy their favorite tracks to download to compatible Nokia mobile phone and PC.

Now the main question is why Nokia has pulled the plug to its music store in India. We think the company is mainly adapting the mobile first strategy, and for that they are prioritizing that unit only. If you remember only few months back one of the largest online retailers of India Flipkart too had shut down its digital music store ‘Flyte’.

While answering to the question about the shutting down of web version of Nokia music store in India, a company official said, "We communicated the ramp down of desktop downloads in India back in 2011 as part of our mobile first strategy. We will continue to invest significantly in the success of Nokia Music in India.”

Wrap Up

The upcoming days are going to be very crucial for Nokia and Microsoft, and we all know that India is still one of the top performing nations for Nokia devices. This simply means that both the corporations need to handle the Indian Territory with utmost care to come up at top once again.

Are you upset with the shutting down of web version of Nokia Music? Do you think Nokia will be able to regain its lost glory? Feel free to share your thoughts with us by using the comments box, which is exclusively for you all only.

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