Five Reasons Why People Still Love iPhones

Check out these top five best reasons why people still love and want to buy iPhones over anything else.
People really never get bored with the things they love most. However there are also other things that will make people not to feel bored about them. From Toys to Tech, this world had undergone a lot of changes in this 21st century. Just take the Mobile or Smartphone Industry, especially the “iPhone” of Apple Inc. as an example. It has gone through a lot of change from the release of 1st iPhone in June 29 2007 to the recent release of iPhone 5C and iPhone 5s.

The iPhone stood firm against the strong competition given by Android Smartphones, which is actually quite responsible for the fall of the Blackberry era. But what makes iPhone so special? Why people still loves to buy an iPhone? Well, let’s discuss about that with five simple reasons stated below.

1) Cool Design and Rich Look

When Apple Introduced iPhone, it became popular because it’s a product from the company that introduced the world “iMac”, “iPod” and other popular products and also the Cool Design and Rich touching look was responsible because of its hype but not because of its features (actually it’s features kind of S**KS at that time).Everyone liked the simple and elegant look it had. And Apple kept this design with a few simple modifications over the years.

2) Exceptional Performance

When it all first started, iPhone was not only known for its looks but also for the performance it delivered. People were actually surprised by the fluidity it offered. Apart from few glitches (that are only noticeable by developers and techies) everything seemed fine and awesome with the iPhone. What actually made an iPhone loved by people is the complete new UI (user interface) which was never experienced by them before. The improvement of hardware and software over the years increased the performance of iPhone and the love people had on it.

3) Availability of Wide variety of Applications

Another reason why people still goes for iPhone is due to the availability of wide variety of apps in its app store. You can find almost any app you could wish for.  There is an app for every category you can think of. Actually companies do start creating their app for Apple App store instead of Play Store (Android App store). What can I say, it’s like a custom for that guys. First test on Apple app store then deliver to others had been their motto for years and continuing so now.

4) Improvement in Every Version

Be it 1G, 2G, 3G, 4S, 5S etc, Apple never stopped introducing new features with every new version of an iPhone. The most advanced feature ever introduced by Apple is the “Fingerprint Scanner Unlock” in the recent release of iPhone5S and iPhone5C. Its operating System iOS has been far more advanced than the one it’s at the very beginning and also the in aspects of the hardware too.  From the very start to the recent release many new features involving software and hardware enhancements were introduced and this can be very one of the reason why people loved it so much.

5) As a Status Symbol and also a Blind Trust

I don’t know whether I can say this or not, but some people still have this “Blind Trust” on Apple’s iPhone.  When compared with a pack of Android Smartphones on the market, Apple’s iPhone doesn’t stand a chance against them. We can also say that only the rich could afford an Apple iPhone because of its high cost and sensible nature. Rich people used to buy every new release of it, because they thought it is a status symbol. This can be a reason why Apple introduced a Budget iPhone recently. This move can seriously affect the company in either positive or Negative way.


When compared with the today’s level of smartphones, I actually don’t recommend an iPhone to anyone, but if I ever get a chance to own an iPhone I will never leave the opportunity. Of course it’s expensive but trust me it’s totally worth it. These reasons can be only a few which can express why people still loves an iPhone. You can also express more if you have any, below in the comments section.

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