Nokia to Stop Supporting Symbian and MeeGo OS from January 1

Nokia officially announced that it will stop supporting Symbian and MeeGo OS from January 1, 2014
Finnish mobile making company Nokia has finally taken the ultimate decision to stop supporting Symbian and MeeGo operating systems. The company announced that it would end the era of these popular mobile platforms by the end of this current running year only.

Recently the Finland based company has released an official letter in order to address the Nokia developers. The letter clearly said, "If you have Symbian and MeeGo content in the Nokia Store, it will continue to be available for download to customers, and you will continue to receive download and revenue reports as well as payouts for downloaded content. However, starting January 1, 2014, you will no longer be able to publish any new content or update existing content for Symbian and MeeGo."

The company clarified that from now onwards it will mainly focus on developing the other popular Asha and Windows mobile platforms. It has made a specific plan of action to provide its supreme support and investment to these two mobile OS. Eventually it has to be mentioned here that Nokia Asha is one of the most popular mid-level mobile series phones of India and the Windows Phone platform is the brainchild of the ultimate tech giant Microsoft itself.

Nokia is mainly moving forward and this is indeed the best thing to do at recent times. Earlier many developers and tech experts predicted that the company would keep supporting Symbian and MeeGo mobile OS platforms till 2016. But thing didn’t go well in past few years and Nokia had even lost its kingdom in the smartphone market to the Apple’s iPhones and other Android smartphones.

Last month Nokia had to sell its mobile business units to Microsoft and that particular move had given the much needed hint to the analysts that the era of Symbian and MeeGo OS was going towards the doomsday. Finally it is happening on the 1st January of 2014. Earlier we published here that Nokia to bid adieu shipping Symbian smartphones this summer only.

In 2002, Nokia launched its first ever Symbian-based mobile handset, and labeled it as the Nokia 7650. Last year Nokia unveiled its last Symbian-based smartphone Pure View 808, which runs on the Belle version of Symbian OS.

Now you must be wandering what exactly are the effects of Nokia’s stopping of support for the Symbian phones. Well, it simply means that the users of such phones will not be able to update their existing apps from January 1, 2014. They will only be able to download the last updated version of such apps from Nokia’s Ovi Store.

This move is quite sad for the talented developers of these platforms too. It will not allow them to publish new apps or update the already existing apps on the Nokia store. However, there is a ray of hope too, as the developers will continue to receive royalty from the each and every download of their existing paid apps.

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