Nokia’s HERE Unveils its First Ever Community Mapping Project in India

Nokia's mapping application HERE strats its first ever community mapping pilot project in India
Finnish handset making company Nokia is into mapping world for a while now; in fact it already has a fully dedicated mapping services division named HERE to strengthen its grip over this highly prospering market. The recent story is that Nokia’s HERE finally unveiled its first ever community mapping pilot project in India in order to enhance and improve its navigation services all over the country.

Nokia is basically partnering with several local experts and adapting new mindset to make it big and a grand success. We must admit that this is a great initiative by the regional team of HERE, and it seems it will attract many eager eyes towards this project.

The regional team of Nokia’s HERE is already having more than 1,000 people, and very soon it will start working with several talented students who are currently studying related subjects such as Geography and GIS in the leading universities of the country.

The tech company has already selected a few key educational institutions to start the process including the SAL Institute of Technology (Ahmedabad) and the Mount Carmel College (Bangalore). It is presently allowing geeks from these institutes to add missing streets, points of interests (POIs), bridges and other key information to the existing map app.

The honorable Executive Vice President of Nokia’s HERE division Mr. Michael Halbherr said a few important things on this topic while talking to the PTI. He said, "India is a very important market for us. In a fast-growing country like India, a community mapping approach along with inputs from our own experts will help HERE keep pace with the ever-evolving landscape."

As we all know Nokia had to sell its mobile handset business to the IT software major Microsoft for $7.2 billion in September 2013. The Finnish company was facing serious tough times in the worldwide mobile market which leaded them to sell it in order to kick start the ongoing reform procedures. However, Nokia has successfully managed to retain a few key businesses with them in the likes of location services HERE, advanced technologies and telecom networking business NSN.

Nokia's HERE is one of the best mapping applications for sureCurrently a few leading automakers, enterprise and web clients, smartphone makers, navigation device producers, app developers, and many other companies are using Nokia’s HERE in order to improve their present traffic navigation system which has eventually become one of the most important factors in recent times. The HERE app has already been embedded in many Asha and Lumia series smartphones, and users have given it a thumbs up too.

From the inception Nokia’s HERE is very much keen to main the accuracy as much as possible while providing navigation services to the users. The company has even included very useful community map moderation system in order to verify all the edits before integrating them to the main primary base map. It is indeed a very wise decision, and it helps to make the app error free and provide accurate data cum information.

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