Is Samsung to explore low-cost MediaTek processors in its mobiles of 2014?

Samsung might use MediaTek's quad and octa core processors in its budget mobiles of 2014
Processors are one of the most important factors of a mobile phone, and it has been developed by the large players quite frequently in order to stay updated with the latest trend while providing utmost flexibility and smooth experiences to the users. 

The latest buzz is that the world’s largest smartphone maker Samsung might explore MediaTek's quad and octa core processors for its low to budget mobile phones in 2014. It simply means the South Korean tech major is finally ready to go for Cheap Chinese Chipset (CCC), and it is also reported that this move will help the company to establish its dominance in the low-cost mobile arena too from the next year onwards.

MediaTek processors are one of the cheapest ones that are presently available in the market, and Samsung might eventually dump Broadcom which it has presently been using on its several low cost phones.

The interesting point is many local Indian and Chinese Android producing brands are already using MediaTek chipsets on their phones, and it is working quite well for them. This basically prompts the largest mobile maker to consider these low-priced chipsets in their low-cost handsets to cut short the wages and boost up the profits.

However, the initial reviews of the MediaTek processors were not that much promising. In fact many leading review publications are still very much unimpressed with these chipsets especially in the terms of graphics-heavy tasks like 3D gaming, HD viewing or smooth interface handling. Even the Quad Core processors failed to earn the soft corners of those review experts. Now Samsung is likely to use them on their phones of 2014. Will this be able to change the reviews or concepts around these cheap chipsets? Only time has the exact answer to it.
Samsung low-budget phones are likely to use MediaTek processors in 2014
But in the mean time we shouldn’t forget that still there is enough time, and it is very expected that by that time the newer versions of the MediaTek processors should come onboard, and those might be able to live up to the expectations by providing ample performances, smooth interface handling option, and many other things while keeping the power draw to minimum.

As per reports Samsung will sign the agreement for the latter half of 2014 period, and from that time only the Chinese player will eventually start shipping their silicon in large volumes.

In simpler words from next year the low-end phones will come with cheaper manufacturing cost for the Samsung, and it is easily understandable that the company will also reduce the price as a good result of that to target the larger audience of these two countries China and India.

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