Tata Docomo Introduces Business Productivity Solution ‘InstaSoft’

Tata Docomo launches productivity solution suite InstaSoft
Indian telecom giant Tata Docomo recently proudly introduced the mega launch of first of its kind Software as a Service (SaaS) based business productivity solution named ‘InstaSoft’. The company spokesman showed great excitement while announcing it officially.

InstaSoft is basically a SaaS based office and business productivity solution, and it will work to provide a proper end-to-end solution to small to big enterprises. Tata Docomo already released an official statement in order to acknowledge this matter.

The release also added that this new solution will help the office managers to focus on the prime functionalities of various core factors of their own businesses. It will also make sure that the all important office productivity software is always updated, remotely accessed and totally secured in a unique cost-effective and scalable way.

Mr. M A Madhusudan, the current President of Enterprise Business Solution at Tata Teleservices Limited, announced the initiative on behalf of his company. He explained several usefulness and features of this software. He said, "Tata Docomo's InstaSoft Suite enables enterprises to be more agile, nimble and achieve better collaboration, HR management and co-creation. Our end-to-end solution allows customers the flexibility to select, evaluate, purchase and customize solutions to match their business needs and that too without deploying any Capital Expenditure (capex)."

The InstaSoft business suite has a number of perfect office solutions including the likes of InstaOffice, InstaHRMS, and InstaMeet. These tools are very useful in terms of the growth of the company and managing the daily account and other activities with super ease.

InstaOffice is a great messaging and business collaboration solution while the InstaHRMS is a perfect end-to-end HR solution which covers every aspects of the life cycle of each employee of the company.

As I mentioned before the software-based business suite also offers the InstaMeet, which is a one way interactive solution. It helps to expand the overall reach of the company, and it also makes sure that the employees work together as much time as possible by reducing the space and time differences to some great extent.

Wrap up

Tata Docomo’s new software-based business suite InstaSoft will sure speed up the work for the enterprises. It is basically a much-needed step towards modernization and it is likely to enrich the Indian business industry in a very positive manner in the days to come. This suite will help the employees to work as a team and bring out the best possible results for their companies.

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