Angry Birds Go! now available for Free Download on Android, iOS, Windows and BB10 Platforms

Angry Birds Go! is now available on all leading mobile OS platforms including Android and iOS.
Here comes one of the best news for the mobile games lovers, as the latest iteration in Rovio Entertainment's most popular series of Angry Birds games named as ‘Angry Birds Go!’ is now officially available on all the leading mobile platforms including Android and iOS.

This new update has many exciting features that are expected to attract interest of many users across the whole world. Rovio is attempting the first ever major free-to-play Angry Birds title via this latest iteration. It is also the first time when players will be able to fully explore the amazing Angry Birds world in full 3D while racing through Piggy Island.

The NDTV Gadgetsreported that, as a player you will be able to jump behind the wheel of a downhill kart and race as Red, Chuck, Stella, King Pig, and other characters from the Angry Birds universe while playing this particular game called the Angry Birds Go!

The game includes more than 50 different soapbox karts along with a selection of tracks ranging from air courses to stunt roads and speedways to canyons. It is no doubt one of the best offerings from the Rovio, and like always this time also a serious buzz is revolving around this game among the worldwide mobile users community.
Angry Birds Go offers a full 3D experience for users across the world

Jami Laes, who is the current Executive Vice President of Games at Rovio Entertainment, said a few things about this latest mobile game. He was quoted as, "Angry Birds Go! is our first major free-to-play Angry Birds game, and while we're super excited to step into this new territory, we're also staying true to our roots. As with every previous Angry Birds game, there's lots of free content and we have great new updates already planned - including the eagerly awaited arrival of multiplayer."

As I mentioned before that this game is now available for free to download on all the leading mobile OS platforms including Windows Phone 8, BlackBerry 10 and Android. But willing users may easily shell out a few extra bucks to enhance the whole gaming experience by accepting various in-app purchases in forms of premium contents offered by Rovio itself.

Mr. Vice President concluded, "We do offer some really awesome premium content for fans who want a bit more, but we've designed the game so that you don't have to pay to have a great time."

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