Philips Unveils its First Android-powered 4K Ultra HD TVs

Philips finally launches its first Android-based HD TV

Philips has launched its Top-end 8800 series with an Android operating system for 2014. The series also have full HD and Ultra HD models and it is also accessible to Google Play Apps.  Phillips will launch the T.V series in Europe and Russia between April and June 2014 but it is not sure that it will be release in U.K.

World is moving very fast these days and the technological world is contributing the major boost up in it. The features of this T.V Models which makes them Interesting area s follows,

You can have Android operating system on a giant ultra HD 4k display and the sound is awesome. This will enhance the Gaming and T.V experience at the same time. The users will have wide range of apps because they will have access to Phillips Smart T.V apps and Google play Store too. This means the users can get Google chrome browser, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many More. The features are quite stunning.

The model 8800 will release with 1000 Hz perfect motion rate Ultra resolution and it will also have a super fast hex-core processor. The 8100 and 8200 are with 800 Hz perfect motion super resolution and with quad-core processor. So the T.Vs will have more than computing power even for the hardcore Gamer. The 8800 series will be 55-inch only.

Hopefully this series will change the meaning of T.V entirely. The Stunning 8800 series will have built in camera and it will automatic detect the viewer to manage the sharpness according to it, so it’s more like “JARVIS” of Iron Man. Users can point, talk, use gesture, type, use cursor navigation to control the set. It will also have 4-sided Ambilight gaming mode. That means Phillips is trying to hold on to the Rising gaming market and it will definitely make the gaming folk excited, but no pricing information was given.

We mentioned before that it will release in Europe and Russia, Yeah that’s true and that is the only bad news. Which means you will have to live in Europe and Russia to buy this one when it will be release between April and June. But you can never know when it will be available in the rest of the world, so hope for the best.

Wrap Up

At this point of time we can’t clearly say that the Google TV is officially dead but the thing is that the mighty Google may have plans of rebranding it in the shape of Android TV, about which we already heard in the last year itself. So it needs to be seen in future whether these Android-powered TV may be considered as the perfect replacements of the Google TV or the search engine giant may continue to embrace its dream of producing a dedicated TV under its own brand.

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