How to Disable Right Click on Wordpress Blog

While there is no way to completely stop people from stealing your content (Images, Sentence etc., but you can make things harder. Disabling right clicking on your site is one way you can use to deter casual theft.
In this post , I am going to talk about a plug and play WordPress Plugin named WP-Copyright-Protection. After installing and activation of this Plugin on your word press site, this Plugin clear your cache and you will see that you can’t text or right click in your word press site.

The WP-Copyright-Protection doesn't have any configuration panel and so it’s very simple to  use (Install and Activate). The Plugin after successful activation starts working on your site. Before you install this Plugin to your word press site, make it sure that you are in complete need to disable right click in your site as disabling text may deteriorates your user experience.
You can download WP-Copyright-Protection Plugin from official Plugin repo.
Anyway, either you use or not, I would love to know your opinion on disabling text in word press. What do you think, if a webmaster enable or disable right click feature in his site. Let, if you are a webmaster then which method you will use and what will be your reason for enabling or disabling it?
So, we have discussed about WP-Copyright-Protection Plugin which really suits most of the word press blog. Like WP-Copyright-Protection, there are other Plugins too which can protect your image by no right click image in your site. One of the Plugin named ‘’ No Right Click Images Plugin’’ is the best among them.

No Right Click Images Plugin uses the java script to change the right click action on IMG tags to disable the context menu.
This Plugin disables the context menu on site’s images only so that the other right clicks options such as links will work normally. Sometimes, browsers prevent Java Script from altering the context menu activity. To get around this, this Plugin uses a replacement image to replace the clicked image.

While disabling right click will stop everyday users from stealing your content on the other hand it is not effective. Those users who really want to take someone image from your site will simply take a screenshot or turn java Script off to turn right clicking back on.

What do you think about disabling right clicking? Let us know what you think by commenting in the comment box. 

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