How to Reduce Loading Time of Your Wordpress Blog

Blog loading time can dramatically impact your website ranking and conversion. According to Google, blog’s loading speed is considered as a ranking factor for blog and that’s why it is important that we should work to reduce our blog loading time. If you are using blogger platform then you’ll hardly notice any downtime of slows-down of your blog but on word press things are different and bloggers have one thing to worry about blog loading time.

For best of your knowledge, you should know a fact that if an eCommerce site or blog which is making $100,000/day, a delay of 1 second page load time of that site can cost it a yearly loss of $2.5 million.  Readers expect that the site should load within 2 seconds while a delay of more than 3 second can make 40% of your reader to leave your site.

so, in this post I’m discussing about few best tips which reduce the loading time of your word press blog and thus makes it better in terms of search engine. So, implement these tips into your blog and optimize your blog loading time and get blazing fast blog.

Avoid using lots of word press plugins:

Plugins are one of the biggest powers of word press some bloggers are so obsessed with it that they are using more than 20-30 Plugins on their single blog and you might also be one from them.  Well, Plugins are really not a bad thing but on word press you should minimize the number of Plugins. If you need a functionality which can be done by fast coding, then that will be very handy. You should use at-least one cache Plugin and in my opinion W3 Total Cache is best for word press blog.

Optimize your image:

Making a blog’s post illustrative by integrating relevant images is always a nice strategy to attract visitor’s attention but too much of it is not good. Therefore, you must use more than 3-4 images per page of your word press blog. You can use JPG image in place of PNG to save your web page space.

Avoid displaying flash on your blog:

Flash content on a word press blog leads to increasing the loading time of a blog. Avoiding flash and related Plugins can add to efficiency of your site. Google also recognized Flash as a bad thing for SEO. So, in my opinion you should completely get rid of Flash content on your word press blog.

Use a better host:

If you are using self hosted word press blogs then you have a great advantage of choosing the right web host for your blog. When it comes to hosting your word press site, you would never want to host your blog on a server that is crappy with no or poor support.  I recommend you to use a better host and nothing better choice than Blue-host.

Do not use too many posts on your homepage:

Most of the word press themes have the option to limit the number if themes displayed at your blog’s homepage. You should limit it at 7 to 10. I would not suggest you infinite scroll if you really want your blog to load faster.

Do not use java scripts at the top your blog:

Having java scripts like social flows from twitter or Google+ can be a major factor which result in increasing the loading time of your blog. You can put the Google analytics code at the footer and it will make your blog load faster by itself loading after all your content has been displayed on your blog page.

So, these are few tips from me which will help you in reducing the loading time of your word press blog and makes it faster for better experience of your users.  If you like this post helpful then share it among your social friends.

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