China Successfully Develops World’s Fastest Supercomputer

Republic of China have successfully developed Tianhe-2, the world's fastest supercomputer.
According to latest survey results published on last Monday, the defence scientists of Republic of China have successfully developed Tianhe-2, the world's fastest supercomputer. It is well capable of handling 33.86 quadrillion operations each second.

This new Chinese computer has eventually surpassed US Titan supercomputer which was the former fastest supercomputer of the world. China has developed a lot in past few years especially in the technology areas, and it has added many feathers to its crown from the technological world.

The National University of Defence Technology built the computer, and according to it the Tianhe-2 has the ability to pick up its performance speed up to 54.9 quadrillion operations per second. China must be feeling very proud after achieving the desired success in such a short span.

It has to be added here that the previous version of the new supercomputer, which was labeled as the Tianhe-1A, was also once the world's fastest supercomputer. It managed to hold the position at the top from November 2010 to June 2011. After that Japan’s K computer defeated it in the battle of speed to claim the top spot.

As per TOP500 project that ranks 500 most powerful worldwide computer systems, by the end of this current running year Tianhe-2 (also known as Milky Way-2) will be offered to the National Supercomputer Center in Guangzhou, China.

Tianhe-2 was expected to be deployed in 2015 or later, but surprisingly the Chinese scientists managed to develop it much earlier. This is a great success indeed, and it has helped China to regain its coveted top slot at the worldwide most advanced computer system.

There are some key features that make Tianhe-2 especial and best in its kind at least for the time being. It has 16,000 nodes each with three Xeon Phi processors and two Intel Xeon IvyBridge processors. This simply means it has a combined total of 3,120,000 computing cores. Sometimes I just wonder how much the technology has grown up over the years.

As I mentioned before the Tianhe-2 can easily operate 33.86 petaflops per second. The Top500 already provided it the honor of calling as the world's fastest computing system.

Earlier the United States was enjoying the No 1 position with its own supercomputer named Titan, which is a Cray XK7 system, and it was deployed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory of the country’s Department of Energy (DOE). Now the US Titan was placed at the 2nd position.

Mr. Jack Dongarra, who is the current Editor of Top500, examined all the development facilities of Tanhe-2 in May 2013, and he said that this particular Chinese system is noteworthy in many ways. He also expressed his happiness while talking to his entire experiences.

Mr. Dongarra has eventually released an official statement on this matter. In the statement he quoted, “Most of the features of the system were developed in China, and they are only using Intel for the main compute part. That is, operating system, front-end processors and software are mainly Chinese."


According to you which country is the current technological superpower of the world? Is it China or Japan or the US? Or is it some other countries? Feel free to share your thoughts with us. We will be obliged to hear from you all.

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