Amazon likely to launch its own Android Gaming Console soon

Amazon is likely to launch its own Android Gaming Console by the end of 2013
Global retail cum e-commerce giant Amazon is currently planning to come up with its very own gaming console very soon which will be running on Google’s Android operating system.

As per reports, Amazon will launch the device at the end of this current running year, possibly by 29th November or Black Friday, which is considered to be the largest retail day of the year in the United States (US).

Eventually the ‘Game Informer' reported this for the very first time while citing several unnamed sources. However, there are no official announcements have come whatsoever till now about the launch or the making of own-brand video game console by the Amazon.

According to the report, at the time of launch the console will be featuring games that are already available in the Kindle Fire’s Amazon Appstore. This will certainly ensure that the console will be leveraging a fair amount of titles before going on for sale.

Currently the e-commerce giant is producing a wide range of cool apps and Android tablets like Kindle Fire tablets and more. It has to be mentioned here that Amazon’s Kindle FireHD is one of the rivals of Google’s Nexus 7.

The report added that Amazon is presently developing its own dedicated gaming controller too for the upcoming console. However, it didn’t mention any further details about the controller.

In 2013, Amazon is also preparing to launch three new Kindle Fire tablets in order to expand its control over the worldwide tablet market. The gaming console would be the fourth device that will be launching by the company in the year. This simply means the retail king must be having lots of activities in its hardware section in current days.

Final Words

Amazon’s Gaming Console has already been creating solid buzzes over the worldwide web, and many leading web publications have been reporting about it. Though the mother company has not provided any information about the topic as of now, but it is highly likely that it will officially announce the launch date very soon.

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