Google Glass Expected to be priced $300 at Launch Time

Google might price its upcoming innovative product Google Glass around $300
As we all know Google is going to launch its most innovative product till date Google Glass by the end of the current running year. I am sure that you are very much excited to know what might be the price of Goggle Glass. Well it seems like it will come in quite affordable price range, much less than what you would possibly think.

According to latest rumors Google could price its upcoming innovative glasses at $299, which is surprisingly a few multiple times lower than the $1500 that developers paid in order to get their hands on early “Explorer Edition”.

Eventually Taiwan’s Topology Research Institute has suggested the price of $300 for the Google Glasses. However the search engine giant Google has not yet officially confirmed it, which means a lot can be changed with times. The product has managed to keep up the buzz around it for a long time, and even leading social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter already unveiled apps for Google Glasses.

It has to be added here that the estimated price has been calculated after studying the possible bill of materials (BOM) for the Google Glass. On that note we should include here that the projector inside the little glass, which is developed by Taiwan based Himax Display, costs somewhere between the price ranges of $30 to $35 to manufacture, PhoneArena reported.

Jason Tsai, who is the Chief Topology Research analyst, said, “We believe wearable devices will face the first wave of growth in the coming one to three years due to their innovative features, and will then experience a rapid growth in the next phase when the market becomes more mature.”

Google previously announced that very soon it will buy 6.3% stake in Himax Display. We should keep in mind that Google Glasses will not be available in all of the local retails stores right away, which means it will take its own time to become a mass market device. First it is expected to target developers to earn some featured reviews to send several positive words of mouths around the world. As per early estimations Google Glass shipments might cross 124 000 units.

Final Words

It might not be official yet, but we have already got enough hints from various web publication houses that the expected price of Google Glass would be around $300, which is very much affordable indeed.

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