Apple iPhone 5S Specifications and More

Apple recently launches iPhone 5S, the world's first 64-bit processor enabled smartphone
Apple is well-known with its devices and innovations in the sphere of technology. Sometimes some of us think over the first letter “i” before the names of hand-held computers that Apple offers us: iPhone, iPod, iOS. What does it mean? We discover that it means innovation, inspiration, intelligence and, in some way, expresses the motto of the campaign. That is truth, because suit the devices very well but there are facts that may change our impression about the innovations. Let me speak about iPhone 5S in more details.

Gossip about the iPhone 5S was appeared practically after the announcement of the iPhone 5, but they were not confirmed, and of course none of us is expected the launch of iPhone 5S.

We expected the mega launch of this new device on September 10, and as expected Apple has already launched this device in several key markets. Certainly it looks like an old version but they say, a new iPhone will be easier and more comfortable to use. Besides it is more convenient to hold it up to the face during the call. It looks like iPhone 5 but significantly better. It’s expected to have A7processor. As informed Clayton Morris Apple is not going to go after the "cores", just like its competitors, so the iPhone 5S will be equipped with dual-core, but the 64-bit processor.  According to him, the new chip will be 31% faster than its predecessor, A6, which is now installed on the iPhone 5. 64-bit processor will make the graphical animation in iOS 7 more smoother. Perhaps, and Spotlight will finally leave without delay.

It has to be mentioned here that Apple iPhone 5S is currently the only mobile device that runs on a 64-bit processor.

In addition, Morris asserts that iPhone 5S will have a special single chip, that will be responsible for monitoring of the surroundings. Maybe he'll be useful for shooting in slow motion - hints of his presence in the new iPhone developers have found the code iOS 7.The new feature will allow users to shoot slow-motion video clips. It is not known what the processor the budget Smartphone from Apple and whether the corporation will make changes to your A6 processor. Earlier it was reported that the technical characteristics of cheap iPhone will be almost identical to the iPhone 5, but its budget version will have a plastic body. Besides, Apple may also remove some of its features.

Will the new A7 processor more power-consuming? Probably yes. As practice shows, engineers pay attention to this parameter. Apple finally unveiled the iPhone 5S on September 10, along with some accurate predictions of its features and iPhone 5 will become just a shadow of this new device. According to reports, the Smartphone is equipped with 8-megapixel camera and with dual LED-flash, a fingerprint sensor and more powerful processor, as we said earlier. Let’s welcome this awesome device together and then try to appreciate all the advantages of this device.

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