BBM for Android is likely to Launch on September 20

BBM app for Android is launching on Spetember 20
If you are an Android user and also willing to explore the popular BBM messaging service in your own smartphone, then it seems like your long wait period is going to be over very soon.

According to recent tweet by the Nigeria unit of Samsung Mobiles, the much-awaited BBM app for Android devices would be available from September 20 onwards. This is indeed very good news for all the Android lovers and it is also giving hints towards the alliance of Samsung with the BlackBerry.

However, the tweet has mentioned that for the first three month period the BBM app will solely available to Samsung smartphones only. But it is not clear yet if the agreement is exclusive for Nigerian unit only or it is a global agreement.

So we can surely expect that after the initial three month locking period the app will be available on all Android phones. Just a few days back rumored images of the BBM app were leaked online anonymously, and after that many tech publications reported that the app would be made available to a select few accounts only.

There are reports that the BlackBerry has been going through the final process of sending out invitations for a special event which is already pre-scheduled for September 20. If the rumors are true then surely September 20 is going to be included in the history of smartphones.

There are also speculations about the topic that the BlackBerry might unveil the BBM app for both the iOS and Android operating systems. It is also being predicted that the company may introduce its latest Z30 smartphone at the event.

Wrap up

The BlackBerry is still struggling for existence, and on the other hand the Android phones are gradually expanding the global market share with each passing day. I’m expecting this to happen for a while, and I personally think it is probably the best thing that the BlackBerry has done in last couple of years. One can’t simply ignore Android’s dominance in this base, and the BBM app for Android is surely a welcome move.

Are you excited enough to use BBM in your Android smartphone? What are your expectations with this app? Feel free to share your view on this particular topic with us. If you like this article then kindly bear a second or so to share it with your friends on social medias.

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