[Review] VPN4ALL, Best VPN Software to Stay Protected Online

Non-biased review of VPN4ALL, the best VPN software
We are currently in the 21st century, and these days we are vastly dependent on the Internet, and many people can’t even imagine a day without Internet connectivity. It’s the fact, even almost every business has now major online presence, and they are quite active on that. It will be huge problem for such business owners or corporate entities to spend a day without the Internet.

However, the main thing is that too much of dependency on anything is not good at all, and it can harm us badly. We often share important information over the Internet, and generally never bother about the protection of that information. We even forget the main fact that there a few who can easily go through it, and your own Internet Service Provider is one of them who can easily log into your personal data by using your online activities.

The scenario is even much worse for various high-end software development companies which frequently use Internet along with several other wide area networks in order to share critical and sensitive information related to their ongoing projects. If unwanted authorities get their hands on this information then it can bring disaster for such tech companies.

But, if there is a problem then there is a solution too. One can easily use a fully dedicated Virtual Private Network to protect their online identity as well as all the important and sensitive data. It is very simple to set up a VPN server and resolve this issue easily, and the best part is that it can be used for both personal or company purpose.

What is Virtual Private Network (VPN)?

In simpler words a virtual private network (VPN) sets up a fully private network across a public network such as Internet to increase the layer of protection of the web users. It enables the source computer to receive and send web data across the shared or public networks in such a way as if it were directly attached with the private network. This process helps to get the advantages of extra security, functionality and management policies of the dedicated private network. The process is set up by creating a simple virtual point-to-point connection according to the use of encryption, dedicated connections or a combination of the both.

This simply means that a VPN Server across the Internet is quite similar to a Wide Area Network or bitterly known as WAN, which creates a link between the sites. From a user point of view we can say that the extended network resources are worked in the very same way as the resources available from the server of the private network itself.

Why is it important to use a VPN?

With the help of a strong VPN you can easily enhance the security and access all the available resources on a network that you’re not even physically connected to. It allows the employees to access the intranet of their companies in a most secure way while travelling outside of their main offices. Even ordinary Internet users can be benefitted from it by connecting to proxy servers to increase the much-needed protection of their identities.

What are the key advantages of using a Virtual Private Network?

There are many key advantages of using a dedicated VPN server. It is best suited for all most all the Internet users from company employees to ordinary people. It provides optimum security to the shared information. Here we are listing out few most important usages of this service:

1. Complete Online Security, Privacy & Anonymity

A VPN server allows you to enhance your online security by protecting your own privacy from being accessed by the unwanted people or entities. You can remain anonymous all the time while using this system on your computer.

With the support of a VPN, you can play games or work on important projects, stream videos online, share files with your friends, download or browse, chat or make calls, do online shopping, e-Banking and several other things in a most secure way. All of your Internet traffic will remain anonymous and no one can be able to interfere with that.

2. Ensured Optimum Data Security

While using a virtual private network you can be assured of the fact that all of your information that you are sharing with the public network are continuously being encrypted and neither the scammer/hacker nor your own ISP could be able to bypass it to log in to your personal details. This means no one will be able to monitor your online activities without your permission, which is a great feature indeed especially if you’re sharing critical or highly personal information.

This thing might come up handy when you need to use a public Wi-Fi connection at an airport, shopping mall or any other open public places, and this also ensures that no one has the authority to peep into your shared data.

3. Avoid Country-Based Restrictions

Different countries have different policies, and with that many government generally restrict a few sites from being used by the common people. China, Pakistan these are the quite common example of such countries.

These countries have a common tendency of restraining the web users from browsing websites of their choice due to some political or other issues. But the fact is every Internet users should have the freedom of surfing to know the exact things properly. Some countries even block the most popular websites like Facebook, YouTube and Google. If you’re living in these countries then you can easily opt for a VPN to access any of your favorite websites in seconds while using a strong proxy server. Basically you will be making the request to the corresponding webpage in order to connect with via the servers of the VPN service provider.

4. Remain Anonymous over the Internet

You can remain anonymous over the Internet while using a VPN service. It allows staying fully protected all the time while accessing the web for both personal and professional usage. It makes sure that no websites could track your sensitive information.

That’s not all, it also provides an option to change your own IP Address while using the Internet, and this particular feature comes up very useful when you need to access such websites which are not available for general use in your country.

Which is the best Virtual Private Network providing company?

If you’re reading this post from the beginning then we’re quite sure that you’ve already understood the benefits of using a VPN for your computer. Now we’ll help you out to choose the best VPN server for your use.

Presently many companies are providing VPN service to the users, and to choose the best among all of them is surely a tough job to do. But, you shouldn’t forget that a wrong selection could harm you badly by creating several serious problems like slowing down the connection speed.

However, we have recently found a very good VPN service provider, VPN4ALL, which is simply one of the best in this market. Today we are going to review the features and key advantages of the software and service of VPN4ALL.

What is VPN4ALL?

VPN4ALL is the perfect VPN software which you can use on your Windows and Mac computers and an app or a software VPN solution for using in Android and iOS devices. It allows users to easily encrypt all the Internet traffic and change the local IP address as per needs. While using this software you can change or IP from wherever you are and whatever Internet connection you are using. It basically sets up a strong server of its own to protect the identity and important data against the online intruders and hackers.

What are the Guarantees?

1. The system will get up and start running in less than a minute

2. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel or existing plan any time you want

3. 30 Day Money Back guarantee on all plans (if less than 100mb bandwidth used)

4. 24*7 support by email, remote assistance and chat (365 days)

5. 99.99% Uptime and continuous VPN Monitoring

What are the Different Plans?

There are basically three different plans that are currently available in VPN4ALL. You need to choose from these plans to get started:

VPN4ALL-50 GB: It provides up to 50GB monthly bandwidth and it has been made especially according to your regular browsing activities.

Price: $9.95/month (if paid monthly)

VPN4ALL offers 3 awesome plans in affordable pricesVPN4ALL-Unlimited: It allows unlimited monthly bandwidth, and this plan is best-suited for providing supreme streaming & downloading experiences with any troubles.

Price: $16.95/month (if paid monthly)

VPN4ALL-Mobile: It has a limit of monthly 5GB bandwidth, and it has been developed for iPhones, Tablet PC and Android smartphones.

Price: $5.95/month (if paid monthly)

What are the Common features in all the above plans?

These are the common facilities which have been included in all of the VPN4ALL plans.

1. No Restrictions on Connection Speed

2. Unlimited Server and IP switching for Free of Cost

3. Complete Access to all the Premium Server Locations

4. An Extra Fixed IP with every purchased Account

5. AES-256 RSA 2096Bit (Military-Grade) Encryption

6. Instant VPN Activation and Download

VPN4ALL Key Features at a Glance

1. Fast Global VPN Server Network with 1000+ dedicated IPs in more than 80 Locations

2. One-click Server and IP switching (Unlimited and Free of Cost)

3. Powerful and super easy best VPN Software with several additional functionalities

4. 1 Fixed IP Included with every VPN Account

5. Ultimate Privacy Policy and fully authentic Legal Set up

6. Cheaper Calling rates for ‘Local’ Calls on Pay-as-you-go VOIP

7. Save Money by purchasing online in local currencies from anywhere around the World

8. Supreme Support Team that works 24*7 for user benefits

For more features you can visit this Official Page.

Why VPN4ALL is different from others?

As we mentioned before VPN4ALL is the best among the rest simply because it offers a few great additional services. It is designed and developed by a very talented group of people, and it is well managed too. Here we are adding a few such services which make the VPN4ALL completely different.

Easy to Install and Great User Interface
VPN4ALL provides a very easy to install interface

It is very easy to install, and you can get access to all the VPN severs within a few seconds. You can even connect, disconnect or re-connect in single click only. The best part is that unlike the other available VPN services, it doesn’t force you to sign into any particular website in order to enjoy the service.

In this case you just need to download the software from the official VPN4ALL website, after that you have to install it in your won device via which you would browse to Internet. After the completion of the installation process you will be able to see a fully-ready window of VPN4ALL. After that step you just need to select your most convenient country and then click the connect button to set up the connection with VPN4ALL servers.

Complete Military-grade security

The VPN4ALL provides a fully-fledged encryption engine, and it quickly adopts the best possible level of encryption that is presently available in the whole market. It smartly utilizes the largest bit size presently used for optimum data encryption worldwide.

Fast Traffic and No Compromise on Speed

While enjoying the VPN4ALL, we experienced unbelievable speed while accessing the Internet through their servers. Today’s world has become very busy, and we don’t have much time to spend to complete our work, and this superb connection speed of this software is perfectly suited with this trend.

Almost all the servers are fully powered with 1GBPS port to provide beautiful experience to the web users. Powerful servers mean superfast traffic and zero compromise with the Internet speed. Another great usage of VPN4ALL software is its awesome capability of preventing spam.

Various Range of Servers and IP Addresses

Another cool features to choose fromThe servers of VPN4ALL are distributed in more than 80 different regions, and you select any of them whenever you want from wherever you go. You can set the VPN application in Auto-Connect mode with the start of your computer. This will automatically select the fastest available server on your behalf, which can save your valuable time for sure. This simply means you don’t have to set up the VPN settings every single time.

It also provides an option to switch/change your servers and IP addresses quite frequently while using a VPN. You could use this feature to access some of the websites that are blocked or restricted for common use in your country. You can use this awesome service in a single click by choosing the desired servers from the given list.

A Fixed Static IP for Common Usage

VPN4ALL allows you to keep one fixed static IP which you can use all the time. It will help you to deal with sites like PayPal which can give you some headaches because of the frequent change of IP Address while accessing a VPN server. You can resolve this by keeping up the fixed static IP. You can even set up the option for changing IP address in scheduled intervals.

What are the minimum configurations needed for using VPN4ALL Software?

For Windows PC and Laptops

System Requirements: Windows XP SP2 or higher, Active Internet Connection, Windows Administrator Rights.

VPN4ALL Setup: VPN4ALL Software

For Mac PC and Laptops

System Requirements: Mac 10.5 or higher, Intel Chipset, Active Internet Connection, Administrator Rights.

VPN4ALL Setup: VPN4ALL Software

Android Smartphones, iOS devices and Tablet PCs

System Requirements: Mobile Internet Plan or Access to Wi-Fi

VPN4ALL Setup: VPN4ALL Application

What are Securities of VPN4ALL Software?

There are many layers of securities in this particular software and it can be securely used to protect your critical information and hide your identity. Here we are adding a security check list of this awesome product.

1. Reliable VPN Connections over Open VPN & IPSec

The complete protection against online threats2. Ultra Fast, Fully Reliable and Secure DNS Lookup

3. Dynamically Assigned Shared IPs

4. AES-256 RSA 2096bit (Military Grade) Encryption

5. Premium At-the-Server Anti Malware Protection

6. Hardened VPN Server Security

Best of the Class Customer Support and Money Back Guarantee

VPN4ALL also offers one of the best customer supports to its loyal users. You can get all of your doubts solved very quickly with the fast, responsive and fully dedicated support team. You will be provided with two options for contacting the customer support team. You can either shoot them an email or access the live chat option.

The official website of VPN4ALL carries a fantastic FAQ section which is especially developed to solve most of the problems in simplest of ways.

It also comes up with full Money Back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the service offered. But you can avail this offer only if you haven’t used 100MB+ bandwidth in a month. You can also change your plan whenever you want to. It is as simple as that.

Wrap Up

After analyzing the product in a thorough deep manner, we can say that it worth every penny of yours. VPN4ALL simply has one of the best Virtual Private Network service, and you can opt for it now to enhance the security of your important data and protect your online identity. If you want to stay safe over the internet then you should go for this awesome product. It can reduce your tension by applying best possible solutions to data protection needs.

We are quite excited to know your feedbacks about this VPN service. Please don’t forget to let us know by commenting below. If you like this post, then kindly share it with your friends on social media.

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