BlackBerry is now Offering Premium BB10 Applications for Free

Canada-based multi-national mobile handset making company BlackBerry has finally started to offer many top level premium applications of its recently launched BB10 OS platform for free. Basically it is now relying on the popularity of its apps to bounce back, and bring back the lost fortune.

BlackBerry has even started to provide exciting discounts on various trending apps of categories like music, productivity and games for the potential users. The company is thinking to boost up its net profit by drastically changing the pay-out structure of its apps ecosystem. It is indeed a very good decision, and it might help the company to stabilize once again.

A BlackBerry spokesperson recently said, "BlackBerry is kicking off the winter festive season with a variety of offers on some of its most popular apps on the BlackBerry World. The offers will roll out throughout the month of December 2013."

BlackBerry is currently offering premium apps of its BB10 OS platform for free.
According to him, worldwide users of the handsets like Q5, Q10, Z10 and Z30, devices which actively run on the latest BB10 OS, would be able to avail this offer with ease. However, the company didn’t mention its total number of monthly active users. At first under the first offer, BlackBerry will offer one application for free on each day starting from December 1 to December 25. You can read the official blog post from HERE.

The official spokesperson of the company said, "One free app per day from the likes of Angry Birds, Pacemaker and Monopoly would be available for free download for a 24 hour period.” He added, “BlackBerry World has over 140k apps for BB10 OS. India, in particular, has been a robust growth market for us from an apps standpoint, so I am confident that we will see tremendous traction with these offers.”

Under the 2nd offer, BlackBerry will officially unveil its much-awaited 'Hello Winter $0.99 Sale', in which it’ll allow the users to get discounted price on purchase of any apps whatsoever during the entire month of December 2013.

Some reliable sources have already revealed that almost 30% of total sales of BlackBerry devices in India are of smartphones run on BlackBerry 10 mobile OS platform. It means Indians have accepted this new platform quite well, and now the company is trying its level best to use it to make some serious profit by wooing the existing clients.

Currently BlackBerry is providing four different BB10-powered mobiles India, and all of these smartphones are priced between Rs. 22,000 and Rs. 44,000. 

Wrap Up

As we all know once BlackBerry was the undisputed king of the worldwide smartphone market, but later it lost its position in the hands of other leading smartphone making companies like Apple, Samsung and Nokia. Even the sales of BlackBerry products have declined drastically as it failed to compete with the other global leaders.

Recently it has changed its plan, and launched its most popular messaging service BBM App to other operating systems including iOS and Android. The launch was quite successful indeed, as it attracted 10 million downloads in first 24 hours of launch only. Now the company is placing big bets on its apps in order to rake some additional revenues via it in the upcoming months to come.

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