[Infographic] A detailed Study on Smartphone Users Around the World

Today we’ll be offering a detailed study on the characteristics of the global smartphone users. It will be interesting to read and fun to watch for sure. But before that you need to provide honest answer to the following question first.

Question: Can you imagine your life without your SMARTPHONE?

If you ask me the same, then I’ll surely answer it by saying a loud ‘NO’. In this century it is quite hard to imagine a living without smartphones. Isn’t that true? This term has been attached with the veins of our body, and it’s not that easy to wipe it out either.

Start of the Journey

As per Wikipedia, in 1973 for the first time ever devices which could combine telephony and computing were conceptualized. However, the sale of mobile devices had started in 1994 only, and the term ‘Smartphone’ came into use in 1997, when the popular brand Ericsson announced the concept of its GS 88 ‘Penelope’ as a Smart Phone.

The Study

As you all know currently there are more than 700 billion people in the world, and among them more than 4 billion people are actively using smartphones for their daily purposes. It means the rise of smartphones took nearly 17 years to reach the 4 billion mark. But according to a latest research, from now it won’t take more than 3 years to double the numbers and reach another milestone i.e. to touch the 8 billion mark.

In the United States, more than 45% adults use smartphones, and the same thing can be seen in any developed or developing countries across the world. Even the teens too are actively using smartphones, tablets etc.

We need to admit that big tech brands like Google, Apple, Samsung, Nokia and BlackBerry have contributed a lot in this. In the last 10 years we’ve seen the rise of extremely powerful mobile OS like Android, iOS, Symbian, BlackBerry OS etc. All of these Operating Systems have made the use of smartphones easy, and that eventually helped a lot to increase the total number of active users globally.

Another thing that has helped the rise is the Smartphone apps. Just a few days back Google’s Android platform hit 50 billion downloads (yeah! You heard it right), and other biggie Apple had already hit that mark 6 months back. In 2013 more than $150 billion was spent on mobile media only.

The Infographic

In order to help you to understand the full thing with super ease we have taken help from CouponAudit to mutually produce this following Infographic. ‘Picture says thousand words’, and we hope you’ll love this effort of us, and actively share it with your friends and families.

Smartphone Users Around The World
This Infographic is produced by Coupon Audit (provides Express coupons) and TechStake

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Wrap Up

This is our first Infographic at this blog ‘TechStake’. We assure you that in coming days we will come up with many more exciting things. Just keep loving and supporting us like always, and for now share your thoughts on this study of Global Smartphone users by using the dedicated comments section.

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