Viber Introduces Viber 4.1 with Viber Out for iPhone and Android

Viber introduces Viber 4.1 update with Viber Out to let users make free Viber internet calls and cheap calls to any number.On this Tuesday popular social app Viber started the official roll out of Viber 4.1 for iPhone and Android devices, which eventually also includes the ultimate global launch of Viber Out.

Viber Out is basically a new feature introduced by the developer team of the app, and it allows users to make free internet calls to other Viber members and low-cost calls to any landline phone numbers or mobile.

With the inclusion of this brand new feature, now the Viber users will be able to connect with anyone living anywhere in the world by directly calling them at amazingly low rates on iPhone, Android and Desktop. This update is also going to be available in Windows phones too in future.

The process is very simple; if a user wants to call somebody via Viber Out then he/she will just have to purchase credits which can easily be completed through a simple in-app purchase via either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Users can also buy credits directly from their desktops by accessing their own credit cards.

Viber Out is also offering an unbelievable lower price-per-call rate than all the other competing services due to complete omission of connection fees and cheap per minute rates. With this new addition as a Viber user you can call anyone you want even if they are not actually Viber users.

The steps to explore this option are very easy. First you need to launch Viber on your iPhone, Android phone or desktop. Then you have to purchase some Viber Out credits to get started. Then you will be able to dial any number and start talking with your friends or families staying at any corner of the world. It must be added here that Viber to Viber calls remain free as always.

Another crucial aspect of Viber Out is that it only displays your actual phone number to the recipient so that he (or she) can easily recognize who is calling. This great facility is currently not available in any of the services offered by other competing networks.

Viber Out on Desktop has a dedicated address book which helps a user to dial a number quickly from the existing contacts. It simply means you don’t need to remember the phone numbers or dial them up manually to connect.

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