Best Android VoIP App

best android VoIP app

Best Android VoIP APP

Android mobiles have taken over the world and I think it’s is just a waste of time to explain more about that. But after all of these, some people want to have an old fashioned land line phones and if you’re a business man then it’s a must. You can use a landline number from your local telephone number or telephone operator but you can do better than this. There are so many best android VoIP apps and services are present which use your broadband internet connection to give you phone service.

Before telling about those best android VoIP apps, first of all let me explain ‘’what is VoIP?’’  Well, the acronym VoIP stands for voice over IP and so it means making voice calls over the local internet instead of the voice network. A hangout, a well known android VoIP app is recently updated to make VoIP calls as well as VoLTE calls. But they weren’t the first to do so, as there are number of best VoIP apps and services are present that helps you in making VoIP call.

VoIP is very simple to set up also. You get a special phone adapter unit from your service provider which needs to plug into power, your internet router and a standard telephone handset. But when you look at the price different between VoIP and a standard landline telephone service then you’ll find that VoIP using your local internet connection is cheaper than that of landline telephone connection.

Calling from your android Smartphone

best android VoIP app

Free calling on your android Smartphone isn’t a tough task these days. What just you need is a good and best VoIP app to route your call over Wi-Fi instead of carrier’s network. In this article, we are mainly discussing about those best VoIP apps.

Whether you’re on a roaming or not but still want to use your android Smartphone to make calls then right and a best VoIP app can make the work done for you and save a good bit of money.  A best android VoIP app is that which makes calls for you regardless of your network and provide good audio as well as video quality.  So, if you want to save money on your wireless bill then use a VoIP app to make your calls.

Considering the reduced overhead, most of the android VoIP apps provide unlimited free calling these days. As android is a growing industry and there are lots of apps present in every category and same is the case when you choose the best VoIP app for your android phone. In this article I have gathered a list of some best android VoIP apps with varying features.

Best android VoIP app basics:

All the VoIP apps mentioned in this app list offer free VoIP calling in one way or another. Some of these app offer free calling with U.S.A to any U.S. based phone number, while some VoIP app require that the party you are calling must have the same VoIP app installed on his android phone.

Facebook messenger [android VoIP app]

best android VoIP app

Available for free on Google play store Facebook messenger is first on our VoIP app list. Facebook has recently announced its audio as well as video calling feature on its messenger service. To make calls from your Facebook messenger app the party you’re calling needs to have same app installed in his phone. It’s available for free on Google android play store. 

Google hangouts [android VoIP app]

best android VoIP app

Google Hangouts is actually designed by Google as an answer to Skype. Primarily hangout allows you to send free text message along with stickers. However, you can make calls with other hangout member for free of cost and video chat up to ten people simultaneously. The app is available for free on Google play store for free. 

The best android VoIP app: Skype

best android VoIP app

The venerable Skype also fits into best android VoIP app category. Most of the people know about Skype and its ability. You can make free Skype call to anyone who has Skype and a non-Skype as well for a small fee. This VoIP app is available for most of the mobile operating systems including android, windows, Linux, I phone and Mac. Some additional features of Skype include free group, video and text chats. Skype is much popular app than that of Facebook messenger and this android VoIP app is most popular app in the category.

You can download Skype app for free from your android phone on Google play store. 

Viber [android VoIP app]

best android VoIP app

Over 200 million users Viber made his position splash position in best VoIP app for android. Over 200 million users, Viber made his position in best VoIP apps for android list. It is one of the most widely used VoIP apps for android and free calling solutions on the list. A usual, you have to be calling other Viber user for free and so it means that the person you are calling must have the Viber installed in his android phone.  Viber also primarily supports text and group messaging.

This VoIP app for android is available for free and you can download it from Google Play Store. 

Line [android VoIP app]     

best android VoIP app
Started in Middle East America, Line is one of the popular messaging apps from America which started to gain momentum in North America and rest part of the world. In addition to messaging, this VoIP app for android also does voice calls over the internet connection which is known as VoIP. The Line app works best with android phones with 2.3 or higher android version. 

Unfortunately, all the VoIP apps mentioned above in this article have the same issue that they only deliver free call only when both the parties have same app installed in his/her android phone. So, if you have Skype then things are different and you can even make calls to anyone but for non-Skype users you have to recharge your account using Skype subscription programs. So, for best experience you need to convenience your friends and relatives to use the similar VoIP android app to make video calls over internet for free.  

So, these are some of the best VoIP apps that you can use for your android phone. As usual, if I missed a great app and you think that it should be in list, let us know via comments. 

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