Microsoft to Start Rolling out Windows 8.1 from October 18

Microsoft to roll out final Windows 8.1 Pro update from October 18 in New Zealand with a few surprises.
On the Wednesday of current week IT major Microsoft announced that its Windows 8.1 update will be rolled out from October 18 of this year. This free edition will start its journey in New Zealand, and as per early predictions it will be having several elements of surprises even for the preview edition users.

Microsoft officially unveiled the Windows 8.1 in June 2013, and since then many Windows lovers were desperately waiting for the launch to happen. Finally it is making its official debut, and as expected many print media and web publication houses are keeping their cautious eyes on the launch event.

As per schedule the update will go live at 12 a.m. (local time) on October 18 in New Zealand. Basically it will be beginning its global tour from there. If you are a Windows 8 user then you will be able to download and install the 8.1 version as a free update from Microsoft's Windows Store.

Microsoft Windows 8.1 will be introduced in the retail market on brand new featured tablets and PCs on that same day (October 18). The new update has already created fair amount buzzes around itself, which might become a contributing factor to its success prior to the launch.

It is worth adding here that Windows 8.1 Preview has been available for download and install since the last week of June. It is easily understandable that curious users, who have previously downloaded it from the store, already have a decent idea about what’s in cart for the much-awaited final updated version.

The Windows 8.1 update does not offer a dedicated Start menu, though it comes up with a stylish Start button, which is designed to offer a visual cue in order to help the users return to the main Start screen. Microsoft has added a Boot to Desktop option in this update which helps an users to entirely bypass the Start screen when needed.

The updated version is having features that have been enhanced a lot from the preview such as All Apps screen and the Search tool. It also offers very easy ways to personalize and customize the main Start screen. The free update provides some modified and well-improved built-in apps too.

The best part is Microsoft has promised to enhance Windows 8.1 since the introduction of its Preview. This is indicating to the fact that it might be having some cool surprises for the users all over the world.

Final Words

Microsoft developed Windows 8 for both touch screen devices and the PCs, but since its launch it has received a mixed response from the users. Some gave it thumbs up while others criticized it a lot. Finally the tech giant is attempting to make the Operating System much more palatable than its predecessor for the very first time.

Are you excited about this launch? Have you tried the Windows 8.1 Preview yet? What are your expectations from the final version of this OS? Please feel free to share your thoughts with us. I would love to accumulate them here to start a discussion.

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