Twitter Unveils ‘Related Headlines’, Next Step to the Embedded Tweets

Twitter introduces ‘Related Headlines’ to display what websites a tweet has been embedded in.
This Monday the popular micro-blogging platform Twitter introduced a new feature named ‘Related Headlines’, which basically displays what websites a tweet has been properly embedded in. It will showcase the information on the permalinked page of that particular tweet.

Twitter might be converting into a reliable source for detailed news discovery, as this new feature will help any users to follow up a story properly by going through vast number of contents and information about that topic. This cool feature is expected to encourage a large number of websites to embed tweets frequently to gain extra exposures.

In simpler words, from now on Twitter offers you to a number of news articles where tweets are embedded. This means you will be able to easily follow such tweets that make news with this new ‘Related Headlines’ feature.

Earlier this cool feature is in testing mode, and it is developed to add special effects to the newsy tweets that generally get selected by leading journalists. Now whenever a new tweet is embedded in a news article, the adjoining headline is automatically appended to that tweet's original permalink page. It also provides a clickable list of several news sources to the users by which they can gather more information about that topic with super ease.

Brian Wallerstein, who is an engineer at Twitter, published a blog post recently on this matter. In the post he said, "This section, which you can view from the Tweet's permalink page, lists and links to websites where the Tweet was embedded, making it easier to discover stories that provide more context." 

Twitter reveals how the popular basketball player Jason Collins became the first ever NBA player to come out as gay on public via a simple tweet. For obvious reason, that particular tweet was picked up by several leading journalists, and they embedded it in their articles around the whole web world. The new feature would surely make the whole process of accumulating those news stories easy, as it could be accessed right from Jason’s tweet.

The new Related Headlines feature should come in super handy while facing the breaking-news kind of situations when reporters are likely to embedded interesting tweets into their stories. The clickable headlines are expected to fulfill the user’s thrust of knowing more details of a certain topic.

Other leading social media sites like Facebook and Google+ too have already unveiled the feature of embedding posts. Few days back we had seen Facebook to introduce hashtagging feature. But with the launch of this new tool, Twitter is likely to get an advantage over others, as in the current scenario if a random site has to choose between Facebook and Twitter, then it might give Twitter an upper edge in the hope of receiving referral traffic bonus from Related Headlines.

We think with the help of this newly added feature Twitter is becoming more like news library. It is likely to be a win-win situation for both the users and the news publishers.

Source: TechCrunch

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