Apple is the ‘Most Discussed Company’ on Twitter

Apple is currently the most discussed company on Twitter, followed by Tesla Motors and BlackBerry.
A recent report has claimed that the most valuable company of the world earned the prestigious tag of ‘most discussed company’ on the most popular microblogging site of recent times Twitter. Apple Inc. is currently trending quite heavily on Twitter, and this particular trend is very much likely to remain for a while for sure.

This report was developed by renowned research firm Statista. It mainly prepared a chart where it claimed that Apple’s cashtag ‘$AAPL’ was mentioned in the tweets for more than 83,000 times in the month of August of this current running year.

One of the most popular blogs of the web world Mashable published a full-fledged post to announce this news. It added that the Apple is closely followed by the Tesla Motors' key tag ‘$TSLA’, and interestingly global smartphone maker BlackBerry manages to hold the 3rd position in the list with the tag of '$BBRY'.

If you remember, Twitter launched the cashtag features in July 2012, and it certainly helps the microblogging site to treat the stock symbols of any companies just like the hashtags.

Here we are adding the list of top ten most discussed companies on Twitter:

1. Apple

2. Tesla Motors

3. BlackBerry

4. Facebook

5. Google

6. Microsoft

7. J.C Penney

8. Vringo


10. Netflix

Wrap Up

The list includes almost all the tech giants, and at the same time it is quite shocking too. We know that people have a major crush on Apple products and that generally lead then to tweet about them. BlackBerry too manages to stay in the news due to the speculation of its buy-out predictions, and vast number of criticisms. Though we expect Nokia in the list too, but the report had taken the data of the month of August to prepare the list, and that might be the reason of it being left out. The famous Nokia-Microsoft merger happened in September 2013.

Now we would like to know what your thoughts on this matter are. Have you ever tweeted about these companies? Which is the best enterprise among these? Please feel free to let us know by commenting below. We would love to read and interact with your precious thoughts.

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