Lava to Introduce Firefox OS-based Smartphones in India

Lava has admitted that it is likely to introduce Firefox OS-based smartphones in India.Few months earlier of the current running year Mozilla launched Firefox OS-based Peak and Keon smartphones. Later Chinese handset making company ZTE, which is presently the 3rd largest smartphone supplier of the United States, carried the gratitude of the Firefox OS forward by installing it in its own open model at the event of Mobile World Congress 2013.

Eventually leading smartphone making companies like Huawei, Sony and LG have already showcased that they will be eying at developing smartphones that will run on the Firefox OS platform. Now the news of the hour is that Indian mobile handset making company Lava has recently joined the list, as it has also admitted that the company is now finalizing the plan of actions to introduce Firefox OS-based smartphones in India.

Mr. Hari Om Rai, who is the current Director and co-founder of Lava International Limited, confirmed that his company was working on a key project top come up with Firefox OS-based smartphones. He added that the company is keen to keep the price of such smartphones under Rs. 3,000. There was a buzz going on the market for past few days that Lava might be launching smartphones based on a brand new platform, and now it is quite official.

However, Mr. Rai did not reveal any other information on the project while talking to a leading newspaper agency. He had not even provided any details about the time period by when this smartphones will be starting its journey towards the retailers of the Indian mobile market. This means the specifications of the phones are still to be unfolded.

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It has to be mentioned here that currently Lava is only offering such smartphones and tablets that run on Android operating system. The company recently introduced a new android-based smartphone ‘Iris 504Q’ in India with a price tag of Rs. 13,499. This new smartphone has some unique stand-alone features like gesture control and a few others.

Lava had done some good businesses over past few months mainly because the trust factor it manages to build in the hearts of a large chunk of Indian users. Eventually the company managed to record a huge sale numbers of more than 9 lakh Lava devices in the month of May only. Now the company’s confidence has boosted up, and now it is eying sales of more than 20 lakh units (2 million) per month by the end of 2013.

Lava is now a big name in the Indian tablet market too, and the company has presently started to provide especial care to this space. The company is working hard on it, as it has understood the potentiality of this space in the current market in India especially for the youth and their educational purposes.

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