Facebook For Every Phone Crosses 100 Million Downloads

Facebook for Every Phone now has been downloaded for more than 100 million times by the users.
The social networking giant Facebook has declared that its very own invention Facebook For Every Phone has now been downloaded more than 100 million times altogether, which is quite understandably a huge milestone for the company.

‘Facebook For Every Phone’ is basically an app that helps feature phone users to connect with their Facebook accounts. It runs on auto update method, which means users need not to upgrade it with times. It gives a great mobile Facebook experiences (arguably the best).

This app is powered and maintained by Snaptu, which is a popular mobile platform that Facebook bought in the year of 2011. It is a very important part of the worldwide strategy of the company and loads of key factors are connected with the success or failure of this app. You should know that users of emerging markets like Indonesia, India and the Philippines use their respected feature phones in order to stay connected with their social accounts. In fact, many of them use their phones as the primary or only source of access to internet.

Facebook presently started to sell ads on its dedicated feature phone platform, and currently it is making little money by this way. The company mentioned that it will continue to provide best possible experience to the users of this native app in the days to come. Facebook added hashtagging feature to its main site in June 2013, and we may expect it in the app too in coming days.

Facebook’s overall traffic has declined in past few months in the developed countries like the United States and U.K. The social media king needs overcome it right away, and to do that this feature phone platform is contributing quite a lot, as it is well-accepted by the mobile consumers of such countries which are technologically rapidly developing. Few days back we published here that Facebook unveiled apps for upcoming Goggle Glasses.

As of March 31, 2013, Facebook had more than 751 million monthly active users on mobile only. It is an increase of huge 54% from previous year’s number, and it is expected to continue it in the next year too.

The current technological trends have been changed, and now people are more likely to access their social profiles via feature or smartphones than PC or Laptop. Facebook has targeted this huge market, and till now it has been able to successfully hold it with this great ‘Facebook For Every Phone’ app.

This popular app delivers most of the popular features of the main website like News Feed, Images and Messenger. It is purely optimized for using less data than other running Java apps and mobile sites. This helps a user to taste full benefits of Facebook even if he is using a limited data plan.

Facebook has taken a few good decisions over the years to help the app to get more exposures. It has partnered with almost all leading mobile operators worldwide to giveaway free or discounted data access via Facebook For Every Phone app. Mobile users have taken this with open hands in all over the world.

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