Digg to launch a New Google Reader Alternative on June 26

Digg announced that it will come up with 'Digg Reader', an alternative to Google Reader on 26th June.
Earlier this year the search engine giant Google put the web world in shock by announcing that it is going to shut down its popular RSS reader named ‘Google Reader’. Following the news one of the leading social bookmarking sites Digg announced that it will come up with an alternative (Digg Reader) to that.

Digg now officially announced that its reader is now ready to go public, and it will be launched on next week as the beta version. The company even admitted the news on its official blog post that it is going to unveil the first version of the RSS reader termed as ‘Digg Reader’ next week. However, the news of Digg’s reader has come in a very crucial moment as the complete shutdown of Google Reader is now just a few days away. Eventually Google will shut down this popular service on 1st July, 2013.

The best part is users will be able to migrate to Digg Reader from Google Reader, the feature that everyone was hoping for. Digg also claimed that the layout and interface of its reader will provide a clean hustle free reading experience. It will put the focus on the posts, articles, images and videos on the pretty same manner. That’s not all as Digg will also integrate a few useful mobile apps that sync with the overall experience of a Reader.

The CTO of the company informed that the integration of Pocket and Instapaper will be available in the Digg Reader at the time of launch, and his company will keep on integrating more likely services in the post launch period to make it more convenient and fruitful to the users. The new reader will also provide support for important actions like sharing, organizing, subscribing and saving.

Digg shared that it will give its priority on an Android application, convenient filtration of news with respect to reader’s interest, better ranking and integration with a few popular 3rd party tools like Evernote and Buffer during the first 60 days from the launch date. Reader will also be offered a better notifications and search base in the days to come.

Earlier Digg announced the Reader, which it would be offering, will come up with a 'freemium' service. This simply means that Digg will offer all the new features and a large portion of the future offerings of the Reader for free of cost.

Digg has confirmed that the web users will be given access to the Digg Reader Version 1 by June 26th of the current year. It has to be added here that for the time being the new Reader will be labeled as beta.

With the shutdown of the Google Reader, most of the RSS users might be looking for a suitable alternative which will provide the same purpose. If the Digg Reader eventually delivers the promises it is claiming for then it might just be the ultimate substitute that users are looking for.

There are already a few popular RSS readers available in the web world like NewsBlur and Feedly. The new Digg reader will have to compete with these readers in order to survive the upcoming acid test. 


How much are you currently depending on the ‘Google Reader’? According to you which are currently the best alternatives of the ‘Google Reader’? Do tell us in the comments box below.

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