Best Android Customization Apps

best android customization apps

Whenever you buy a new android phone or tablet, the first thing that you’ll want to do with your device is customization of your phone so that it resembles your personal preference. From every little tweak in a android phone; from lock screen to the home screen, widgets, apps, shortcut and more first need customization as every little tweak of personalization gives your phone a better look and make it fast accessible for your using experience. In this tutorial I have only focus on things that helps in customization of your android phone and obliviously it’s the best android customization apps.

Knowing the ways to customize your android phone is the best way to make your device unique. One of the coolest things about android is that, it supports countless apps in every category i.e. lock screen, home screen etc. that you can use to customize and modify your android phone to be exactly how you want it to be.

Most of you probably don’t like the default look of your android device’s interface and  so you’ve probably considered to spicing it up a little bit by making full use of best android customization apps. By using these apps you can give your phone a look similar to iphone and windows phones as some launcher apps makes your home font looks like them.

There are so many tips and tutorials available over internet that discuss about customization of your android phone however majority of these tips either focus on too basic tips or risky rooting of your android phone. Today, I’ll add another tip that will not only change the look of your android screen but also increase user experience.

Best android customization apps 2015

Apex Launcher (Best android customization apps)

best android customization apps

Apex launcher is one of the oldest android customization apps and still remains one of the best iconic android launcher ever. The main aim of this android app is to provide variety of cool look with a few extra features thrown in for good measure. Among those features the main ability of app include alter things like transition animations, scrolling habits and scrolling dock where you can lay plenty of icons arranged in a good manner on your home screen.

The apex launcher app for android includes a theme package or engine which provides you as much themes you want for your android device. This customization app is available free on Google play store however by paying little extra amount of $3.99, you can use some extra features of this app.

Google Now launcher (Best android customization apps)

best android customization apps

If you’re a big fan of Google and android then Google now launcher is for you. It’s the stock launcher with built in Google now facility. The main features of this customization app include hotword integration, translucent theming elements and more. It’s the app which Nexus user see first when they open their device for the first time. Overall this app from Google is a very powerful customization app for android phones.

Zedge (Best android customization apps)

best android customization apps

Zedge is one of the best android customization app. This app can decorate your Smartphone with thousand of wallpapers, ringtones, themes and notification sounds. You can navigate through thousand of themes and wallpapers to find the perfect one for your android phone. This app is available for free and you can download it form Google play store for free. 

Go Launcher EX (Best android customization apps)

best android customization apps

Go launcher is among the top and best android customization apps. Out there on play store, this app include 100 million installs to date. According to the android user review, this app provides slight customization option but at the same time its theming feature is marvelous. 

Go Locker app (Best android customization apps)

best android customization apps

Go Locker is one of the best android customization apps to personalize your android lock screen with a huge collection of themes that suits your style. You can download this app for free from Google play store.

CM Launcher (Best android customization apps)

best android customization apps

Developed by the same company which develops best android antivirus CM Security, CM launcher provides full customization option to your android phone. The app uses little of your system resource and can download itself only in 2 MB of space. This app provides full customization resource including theming features and cool widgets icons.

So there you have it, guys!  I know that there are plenty of other customization apps too available there but I mainly focus on providing the best apps for you. If you have any query regarding best android customization apps then you can comment us via comment box. 

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